Thursday, February 4, 2010

Geekest Necklaces: Cool!

Circuit Board Necklace

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I wish to try anything cute and cool but of course, I have to see if my taste and age can fit in. But, I saw the  nice pictures of geek necklace designs and I must say, their artists are simply creative.  The picture above is pretty awesome for an IT fanatic like me.  Any unused circuit board and other electronic stuffs can simply be recycled to a fancy and fashionable accessory. 

It is quite nice to know that people do recycle to help the environment.  There are pretty cool reviews about gadgets and stuffs being redesigned  so they can still be used and not be added to  man - made wastes.

Somehow, reviews like this and health - related like colon cleansing reviews  do make Internet surfing worthwhile.

I once featured recycled compact disks turned into a duffel bag and I just found it way amazing! Who says geek cannot be fashionable and eco - oriented?