Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair Accessories

with loosen hair and with sister in Olaer Resort

gem - beaded hair loop that can come in different colors to complement shoes and bags and outfit.

I normally wear pony tail loop on my long hair and sometimes a bob pin but in General Santos City, gem - studded hair loop is IN. 

I got this accessory from my sister, Tammy who had varying colors and styles.  With a green - sparkling headband, I pair this with complementary fit.

When I look at beauty, I try to see if it looks on anyone, and since these bands quite amaze me, I basically have three other styles. LOL!

This liking goes with seeing people on sundress or on pants, or with loud and bold accessories. Further, it may also include seeing someone who is well - toned and not too much of muscle builder   that I wish I can be  that person.

The thing with accessories is that, it is supposed to highlight your good points and not be too flashy or overdone.   So, to keep me aware, I count the number of items I wear including my outfit and if they are more than 10, then I have to let go of other unessential items. I think my high school friend gave that tip ages ago just to know if you are overdressed or not. 

If this is really true, then I can only comply but if not, then to hell is the tip. LOL!