Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair Wax and Color Fast

Last December 2009 because of boredom, I did have my hair waxed and colored to burgundy.  I stayed almost two hours in a parlor, and had sure liked what I saw.

But, how I wish that fast pace can also be applied to losing weight. Sigh! There are indeed various ways to have slimquick but I do prefer non - surgical and non - medicinal.   But, the weight - loss ordeal is too slow and tiring. 

Experts say metabolism becomes slower when we age that exercise and diet don't seem to have a remarkable effect. 

I am indeed bored with the bulges but I could not do much other than going back to my jogging, or biking and tremendous dieting.   I know I have to muster all efforts to wake up early and hit the running track and contain my desire for additional meals or snacks. Oh, help me God!