Saturday, February 13, 2010

Improper Teaching Uniform

With my fellow administrators - friends from old school, Pilar College.
They were my seniors and quite serious too that I looked like a silly sibling on fancy fit. LOL!

In my most recent school, three supervisors of mine observed my teaching instruction in three separate occasions. Gosh! I never experienced a more difficult teaching experience than being grilled. LOL!  I was a college faculty member of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (1998-2000), STI (2000-2001), Pilar College (2001-2008), Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (2008-2009) and now back to STI(2009-Present).

But, since I only work as part time teaching, I feel free to wear practically anything decent. But, when observations are unannounced, I can only do better with my teaching but can't do much with my outfit. 

So, when my direct supervisor showed the results of the observation, I did remarkably in terms of teaching but had the anticipated remark of improper uniform.  LOL!

My usual getup only includes slacks and a blouse in various colors with complementary bags and shoes. My lady students would sometimes ask me where I get my stuffs, I only tell them, from my boutique. LOL!