Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovely Valentines' Decors and Stuffs

It is the evening of Valentines' Day and I am sure overwhelmed by this occasion like everyone else. 

I was waken up earlier by roses handed down by my husband  and kid and that really made my day brighter. 

I did help my kid with his exam reviewers for Monday and joined him in his badminton. It was a nice day indeed. But, the day did not end since we headed to Robinson's for the unexpected ferris wheel ride. Whoa!!! LOL!

The malls were indeed packed with wandering and dining lovers and groups.  They were filled with red decors, cupids and stuffs with all sorts of party dresses.  I bought some personal stuffs but missed to have the shoes I previously set my eyes on and the acne cream  that I badly need.  Next time, I shall see something nice, I shall buy it promptly so not to miss it next time. LOL!

The entire family, after my sibling went  to their separate dates, joined us in a sumptuous dinner in a local diner . 

The day is truly  sweet and nice that  I wish my other sibling in Manila could have joined us. My oldies would surely lovely the dinner more. 

But, happy happy valentines anyway everyone! As a freebie from the diner, I get to have  a lucky leopard stuff toy. Cheers!