Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect Hair Cut for Your Face

With  my sister Tammy, SHeng, and Gensan beauties.

My face shapes like an oval or oblong and I quite it dislike it before since I would prefer to have a heart shape or a square type. But, after ages of self - esteem building, I pretty love what I look like. 

But, ages ago, I usually wear a neck - length hair cut with a quite plain style and bangs to complement. Somehow, this had been my cut until I got married. Now, I sport a layered long straight hair.  I normally receive good praises, so I am confident that I did the right thing for the hair, at least. 

Should I need to look different, I can try bangs, curls and  V-layers.  I can try other more fitting hair cuts like the picture below:

Katherine McPhee with long straight hair with bangs

photo source:

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