Friday, February 5, 2010

Toddler Fashion

I have a young nephew who is turning two years old. He is quite the same with his elder brother since he too has a small frame unlike my big kid. 

My kid is of size 8 for kids when in fact, he is only seven years old.  His structure does not help much since he is also a knocked - knee  legged  with quite big thighs while his cousin is only 1/3 of his weight. So, clothings that don't fit anymore are actually given to his cousin. Only that, he appears too small for his stuffs. 

Somehow, it is easier to buy children's clothing when they are tiny or something. They just come in abundant supply.  

Sometimes, I wonder if the weight of my kid was due to the fact that he was all  bottle fed and that I hated best prenatal vitamin   so I basically did not have much nutrients when I had him.  

If I remembered it well, weight can be affected by the reasons I stated above plus the lifestyle a toddler has. 

For my kid and nephews, they just have to wear what can be more comfortable for them while appearing all cute. LOL!