Friday, February 5, 2010

Unlikely Fashion

People wear stuffs in so many different ways. I must say these define their unique taste for fashion and personality, and perhaps their moods for the moment. The latter is actually  based on personal experience and observation.

Sometimes, when I feel that I am glad or something, I can just practically wear anything and they simply  appear appealing. But, once the mood is gloomy, somehow, the taste just becomes poor and bitchy. Sigh!

So, the punk and emo got their own  fashion statements too. While I get amazed and disoriented by their styles, at least they express their emotions well. LOL!

Fashion can be a release of stress and other pent - up emotions that others simply rely on vices and drugs among other things. Teenagers for one, get hooked to these easily that  drug rehab can only be necessary.  

Parents,  government organizations and other private institutions must continuously educate the society of this ailing predicament.  In the Philippines alone, HIV - AIDS among the young ones becomes an alarming problem together with drug addiction. 

We can only be more responsible.