Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wacky General on Pinoy Big Brother

The entire nation is hooked to the culminating night of Pinoy Big Brother. The Generals or  folks from General Santos City are indeed anticipating a good bet on Melissa as one of the Big Five.

We are quite proud of Melissa who in spite of her dull and ordinary looks, she has captured the hearts of many Filipinos. 

Our city Mayor Pedro Acharon even enjoined his constituents to vote for a fellow General, Melissa to be the grand winner of this nationally acclaimed reality show. For 19 weeks, they were house arrested with various tasks and painstaking ordeals. 

Melissa is the only lady in the Big Five. So, we are only prouder of her endurance and tenacity to make it to the final night. 

I wonder how she had endured the struggles of PBB and if she tried any relaxing schemes or  womens vitamins  to make it through.

I was never a fan of PBB but the entire family is only happy that General Santos City again shines. So, regardless of the contest results, Melissa is already a big winner for the entire Generals.