Friday, February 5, 2010

We Need Sundress and Gowns!

This is a good week for us since our the dresses on the rack were sold. It had been a bleak months for us since last year when not many of the stuffs were actually sold in spite of the holiday hypes.  So, I  still hope that the coming weeks will be as good as this week. I have to however, replenish the draining stocks for new ones especially that prom and graduation parties are at bay.

Months of poor - to - zero sales did not contribute much to my already draining work. I could not sleep well, got anxiety over bulging weight, wrinkling skin that my age seemed to really show up. Sigh!

I did try taking early rest, eat vegetables and fruits more often, watch funny movies, put on some wrinkle serum  and window shopping but the stress seemed not to wane down. Gosh! I feel and look like 20 years older.

But, at least the store is keeping up. I just have to remain hopeful!