Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Wear For Us

We are on the last day of our final exam and my test is scheduled late this afternoon. I was able to finish checking and recording my other subject and I hope that I can finish my other test just in time for our month - end's clearance.

After this month's requirements and examinations, I am officially off - work and shall start my two - month vacation. I have no reason anymore to miss my jogging and biking every morning. If only sleeps are not that heavenly, then I can really hit the road as early as 6 am.  

Sometimes, when it is harder to wake up, I wish I can just buy a  treadmill   and just do my regular jogs at home. Then, I don't have to miss my regular exercise and complain of my lumpy legs and belly.  I must dig already my running and biking outfits again. This summer shall be one hot time for us Filipinos.  

Experts do say that it takes 15-30 minutes of exercise before we can really burn our fats, so I have to be on running and biking mode for at least an hour. Even if I wish I have a fit figure, I can't have that unless my diet goes with physical exercise. Staying fit is never really easy and instant. 

Our Soon - to - be Mall Boutique Facade

Our boutique's interior prospective 

Our boutique's exterior prospective 

Since it is much difficult to sell our stuffs through our present location, we decided to sell our stuffs by acquiring a mall space. This has been long overdue because we wanted to start this late last year and now, the mall owner wants us to carry on the construction already.

We did submit the pictures above after n revisions.  So, I wish this store shall  make a difference especially in drawing out sales and selling our stuffs. We practically have stocks that are still hidden because our present store can't keep everything already.

As soon as the mall owner grants us the working permits, we shall be starting the construction ASAP.

Our Boutique on Facebook

We have been using the net to  show off and even sell our fashion stocks. And since social networks like Facebook is simply popular everywhere especially here in the Philippines, I uploaded the pictures of our stocks so I can invite my friends and anyone else to see our boutique or place their orders online.

I just had terrible time uploading everything, writing captions and tagging everyone. Waaaaaaaah!!!! It practically took me hours to finish the uploads of bags and another time for the shoes and belts. Gosh! Earning a living is practically hard. 

Some of my friends are already inquiring about the stuffs, I am only too happy to answer their queries. I wish we can sell stuffs through this medium. Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got Fancy Belts on Board

Calvin Klein elastic belt

Rolfs blacks/brown loops  

Rolfs leather brown

Another Rolfs brown braided leather

Fossil gold and silver braided belt

Apart from the bags, shoes, and new clothing stuffs, we got  a few of lovely leather belts. One indeed attracted my attention, a FOSSIL with  quilt - like patches as decors. 

Belts are a good way to accentuate your waist and give a contrast to colors and styles.  I must say, this should be one of the basic essentials in fashion  styling.

Sometimes, even if we are sick or  physically constrained, we can still be stylish but comfy at the same time. For some, fashion to them includes using braces,  wheel chairs and even crutches.  When one goes through any surgery like  spine surgery Mexico , medical support is only necessary to whatever he wears.  

I had this  experience when I sprained my ankle.  The bone was never broken but I always feel that sting on my foot when I am  stressed or when the weather is way too cold. 

Regardless of our physical state, we can choose to be still trendy and be our usual selves, at least in our fashion taste. 

Strangely Desinged Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel priced at $150,000.00

photo source:

I found this what seems to be considered as one of the top ten (10)  most expensive bags in the world. 

The bag is a patch of cigarette, bottle and other litters.   At least, this is one fancy recycle illustration! Cool!

Loving XOXO Bags

my XOXO pale blue and pink totes 

Who does not love branded stuffs? I simply adore them most especially if they shall be given to me. LOL!

My loved ones indeed gave me these lovely XOXO bags and I normally pair these with my casual tops, pants and flip flops.

Those who fancy these  did ask if I still have other XOXO stuffs. Perhaps, I can have these included in our store soon. Should I collect more XOXO goodies? SURE!!!

Simple, Touchy and Comfy . .

My sister, Tammy dragged us to one of the malls here in General Santos City and since the power energy curtailment was on its schedule of cutting off the power again, we were only happy to be obliged to her whims.

But, to our surprise, she brought us to the KTV room of an entertainment store. We were asked to select 13 songs and  had fun time recalling titles. LOL!

I was all tensed singing before a bigger crowd although I must say, we were enclosed in a sound - proof room. LOL!!!! Thus, after one song, we were singing to our hearts' content. We ended up having highest scores on the screen. Hahahhaha!

I wish we can have this luxury at  home and a spa area with spa cover  to boost.   If resources are not a problem, my wish house shall be fully equipped with hotel - like amenities. LOL!  

With an hour of singing and laughing, it was one sweet afternoon that I won't forget.

Fashion and Technology Combo

My kid and nephew with their classmate

My husband has a SONY DSLR camera and most often than not, he takes most of the pictures of us and anything else. 

Just recently, he took some pictures from his son's recognition day where the kids were on their fancy costumes.

Since the kids were on prince costumes, he edited to picture to set before Disneyland castle.  The effect was dramatic and cool!  We can practically do anything with available technology. Anyone can be a model these days. LOL!

Alive on Green

I was never inclined to wearing skirts since I don't have great legs to show off. So, either I wear long skirts or stockings for short ones. 

But, I have this great pair of of Nine West gold gladiator shoes and a nice green Kathy von Zealand bag  that I just wanted to see how I really look like on green fit. My loved ones gave their approving look but my students simply ignored it except one student who asked if I belong to a certain religious sect who are into wearing long skirts for ladies. LOL!  Geez! What a disaster? hahahahhaha

I guess I can forget the long skirts since they are not my thing at all. Good riddance, hmn! LOL!

Get Fashion Trendy By the Book

Fashion is by itself an art; what seems to be plain stuffs to someone can be total glam for others.  I always believe that one would have to be comfortable with what he wears otherwise a beauty or not can do no good. 

But for some fashion  experts, fashion itself is about symmetry, innovation and coordination. Even if we try harder to make any stuff good on us, there are just some things and styles that don't fit at all.  Further, we have to consider our skin tone, age, and weight because what appears to be trendy and classy to others may not at all look good on us.  

The fashion trends are changing, elusive and tempting and  fashion designers, celebrities and socialites contribute a major influence on where these trends should lead. The product lines at runways define what can be the next fad on the street.  Even recession can't adversely contain fashion hypes.  Still, we get vibrant fashion industry news and these influence the public intensely. 

We adore beauty exuded from crafted clothings, and fashion accessories and sometimes, we are just lost with how we can be stunning. But, fashion experts say timeless style is possible. We can follow these basic rules: asset accentuates, monochromatic looks, elegant color and line combo, and trendy accessories among other things.

But, it also advised that we should not compromise comfort for style and fashion. Truly, if there is a fashion book that spells out everything, we can get this from Stylecaster and sometimes, experts do also say, fashion can be also about breaking the rules and innovating. This goes to say that as a person, we can set our trend. Where do designers come from anyway?

Animal Skin for Fashion Goodies

I adore animals except the rodents, roach, slimey and carnivores ones. LOL!  But, as much I love and adore fashion goody stuffs. I am  personally against drawing out skins for bags, belts, shoes and stuffs. 

I guess the issue here is that we  just don't know how to draw the line when we hunt these animals for our  fancy savvy likings.

For one Chinchilla is a native rodent in Andes mountains part of South America and because they are hunted for their furs, they are near extinctions.

Sadly, one  of the most expensive renowned bag is made by Fendi Selleria priced at $38,000. The bag is made from skins of sable and Chinchilla.  Is this bag worth it? I say it is beyond this worth.


Fendi Selleria Bag - $38,000

Sibling Fashion Taste

My younger siblings like loose shirts, semi - fit pants  and doll shoes / flip flops

one afternoon in a dog show, siblings in shorts and loose shirts

my other sister on party mood

with Tammy again but on mountain hike stuff

Having all girls at home makes our fashion taste varied. Since my mom did not raise us to be always on the go, independent and with less prim - and  - proper values, we were always on loose pants and tops. It was only Tammy who had her own sexy and stylish taste for clothing.

I on the other hand, bloomed late. LOL!  I only started to wear fit fancy tops and pants of different  colors, sexy shoes and fancy bags when I get married.  Did I regret this? Partly because I could have enjoyed my social life. Yikes!

But, my youngest siblings still prefer the shirts and pants over sexy stuffs. The thing is whatever we choose to sport on, we have to be first and foremost, comfortable.

It is always fun to be with loved ones regardless if they are stylish or not. 

Beautiful Hair Please

Different cultures and nationalities have a unique way of how their hair should look like, if it is curly or straight or kinky  or with outrageous hair style. But regardless of how it looks, what is more important is that the hair must be at all times healthy.

Healthy hair means we have healthy body. Thus, proper care must be given  so not to cause hair damage or hair loss. There are a number of reasons why a hair is not healthy. These  include too much sun exposure, excessive styling, harsh hair colors, poor diet, bad washing habits  and sleeping pattern. 

If we want to appear healthy, we should not overlook the hair as an indicator. Since it is comprised mainly of proteins, it will help if we eat protein - enriched food.   Futher, we don't have to  take a bath daily but if your lifestyle and hair type demands it, then there is no excuse for keeping that shower. We have to however, take a bath with water that is not too cold or too hot.  Our shampoo must be not too complex in its ingredients since the chemicals may cause harm than keeping its natural beauty and volume.  We then look for shampoos that give in vitamins to our hair instead and keep its natural moisture.

We want different hairstyles because these are expressions of our individuality but putting our hair under regular hairdryers or curlers can lead to hair damages. If it can be avoided, we rather do natural air drying.

There are also hair styling  tools that are covered with Teflon which will keep our hair from extreme heat. Further,  there are ionic hairdryers that give negative charges that keep natural moisture.

Before we do other hairstyles like curling, straightening or hair coloring, we must always check it with our stylist that the chemicals are safe. It will help if the solution is tested first as a patch on our arm before we compromise our entire head.  Before we do our preferred  hair color, it is important that our natural hair color must be determined first to get the right shade. Further, due care must be given before we hit the beach or pool as the exposures may bring side effects. 

I have been sporting a long hair but it is never easy to keep it healthy and nice. Basic care also includes not brushing it while it is wet. It is more recommended to use wide - tooth comb instead. Further, it will be helpful if towel is not wrapped against it like a turban style so not to add friction. It is also helpful that conditioners are used on the ends rather than on the scalp.

There are endless ways of taking care of our hair but the bottomline is that we should not simply overlook its needs. Diet, vitamins and special care must be given for it to grow healthy and shiny. 

Playing Dress Up on Recognition-Graduation Day

the three musketeers! oops the princes  of Grade 1

one of the students on their presentation number

the senior prep graduations on their opening prayer

March is typically the month of school graduations. My kid and nephew just had their graduation/recognition day. Since they were in Grade 1,  they simply wore their Prince costumes and brought with us their school  uniform for the awarding.

The venue was filled by guardians, parents and other relatives for over 100 students.  In between the graduation program of the senior prep, other student levels were quite cool on their respective costumes as they portrayed their presentation. 

We just had great time watching the  program in spite of extreme heat. LOL!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking Older, Fatter and Preggier?

What a wacky title I just got myself? LOL! With extreme heat, frequent brownouts, too much work pressures, I get tensed, bored and sometimes distressed that I simply want to freshen up and be entertained as often as possible.

At home, we practically prepare fruit shakes almost every night and when I get to our store to man it the next day, I spend at least three hours sitting and watching my favorite Korean movies. LOL! I get to work as a teacher only 15 hours a week. Thus, I spend most of my time sitting, either before a big tube or my little notebook.

No wonder the bulges are getting bigger. I decided to have a new hair cut too. So, what appeared to be an oval face, looks like a rounded pizza to me. LOL! The bulges particularly on my abdomen looks like a bulge when I was five months pregnant of my kid. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I got to  check which alternatives are really effective and which are not. It pays to  learn more   how to keep my weight really down, get effective results and contain that liking to eat and be immobile for a long time.

I keep on complaining about my weight and sad to say, I am doing less if nothing, to cut the weight down and do regular exercise again. Procastination and endless excuses always keep me from being on my running shoes and bike. I need help!

Cute Tattoos for Us

my second tattoo

my first henna tattoo with sister 

my sister's

We simply want to have fun as much as we can and since our parents would not agree of permanent tattoos, we settled for henna prints. LOL!

I got to sport on the print for two weeks and the students indeed could only tease me. LOL!

Customized Bikes on Mall Show

my sister acting as bike's model, LOL!

The Generals of General Santos City are big fans of bikes of vintage and modern times. And since, we are no exemption to this group, we joined the rest of the lookers. 

There were more than a dozen of midget and big bikes and my kid had one particular choice of his liking.  And boy, they are truly expensive. But, price is only a small thing for any beauty worth having!

So, until next bike show (perhaps next time, I can be the bike model LOL!!!!).

No Net Connection for the Boutique

It has been two days that the internet connection at home had gone wary and I could not even do my usual works like updating my blogs and posting some of stocks online. I had to sleep early but chose to wake up much earlier just to try my luck and have that much needed connection but to no avail. This is really very distressful that my head is spinning again.

Stress is one of the villains of wrinkles, zits and soggy look. With all the pressures from work, business and family and now from this nasty Internet Service Provider, I can go mad. I am getting little zits from limited sleeps and pressures that I shall check the store for best acne treatment  that can do wonder in just one day. 

Since my kid’s graduation will fill the morning’s time, I wish I still have the time to go to a mallwide wireless hot spot.  

I however, feel so guilty from keeping my precious time away from my kid and family. Sigh! This is really maddening. Sometimes, timing and instances can be quite off and out of luck. 

The Philippines' Countryside Costumes

My rock-n- roll kid and nephew on the most basic costume for Native Filipinos

The other preschooler kids on their barong at saya costume with the teachers as mentors

I had the chance to have these pictures when my younger sibling uploaded the pictures from my pop's camera. 

The kids had their celebration of Buwan ng Wika as a mandated national month for the Filipino language.  Their presentations were wild but kids are kids, so, we were even delighted to see them all on stage. 

We were quite proud to see my kid and nephew doing their dance number. LOL!

Dashing Twilight Lady on Oscars

Kristen Stewart at Oscars 2010

image source:

Since the prelude of Twilight saga series started, I am hooked to the entire stuffs that I keep on reading and re-reading the books and re-viewing the two movies. 

Of course, my liking for the main cast is also so great that I keep a tab of what can be their next project. 

Kristen Stewart for one was oftentimes criticized for her eccentric choice of clothing but I saw this picture of her at Oscars 2010 and simply she was captivating!  I can't wait for the third sequel of Twilight that is expected to come out this midyear.

Bringing Our Boutique Online

We are still working on our requirements for the long - overdue mall space occupancy. And while we hammer and bother other people to help us with the requirements, we can only make do with our present store setup.  Sometimes, the delay can only trigger my migraine considering too that the extreme heat does not at all help.

The arrival of new stocks compels us to speed up the mall occupancy but since we cant control other entities, we can only find alternatives to sell our stuffs. Somehow, we can maximize the use of social networks to sell our  stocks even to our circle of friends and acquaintances.   

As a newbie entrepreneur, I  can only find means and alternatives to make my business work and reach out to as many as possible. Internet presence can address this concern but I can only maximize this strategy with enough skills and knowledge of online traffic and Internet infrastructure.  

We were able to sell stuffs online before but only through my blogs and friends. Since summer vacation is coming, I wish to make an e-commerce site for my boutique. I only have to read some techie books and merge my business know-how. This can be really one tough summer to bear. 

However, we can't fully present all stuffs since majority of these are still unaccounted for. I can't work my way recording all them against the receipts they have. Geez! I only have to work with reading barcodes manually. My migraine simply takes the lead and makes me more mad!  Migraine can't be fully treated but the pain can just be contained. Somehow, information from helps anyone who has this problem eases the condition.   

For now, I can only avoid my triggers, direct heat,too much stress and extreme noise. I wish that we can sell the new stocks through various media. The mall space is soon to be started, thus, we can only be excited!

Prince Costumes on Graduation Day

My kid and nephew shall have their graduation ceremony in a few hours and we were required to dress them up as a prince. The program is actually joined with the acceleration program of preschoolers and grade 1 kids to higher level. Further, they shall hold their final ceremony too before the parents and shall hold some singing and dancing numbers. My kid gladly told me they will be role  - playing Cinderella.


We had hard time looking for some costumes since my kid is way too big for his age. But, we were lucky to have a nice pair of costumes in dashing red! I wish to take some photos of them with their costumes on but it is still 5 am and the kids are still snoring. LOL!

Perhaps in my next post, I can show off the costumes. Until then.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sewing Own Fashion Design

My mother in - law was kind enough to make me her very own design of a blouse. And she sewed it herself. LOL!  I quite like her multi - talented skills particularly, the designing and sewing. Not only it is economical, but also, interesting and sweet!

The blouse was designed to be loose so, not to appear out of style, I got to pair my silver belt with it. Then, I complemented this with Liz Claiborne red bag and my Bandolino red shoes.

The finale was awesome!  I can only thank my mom in - law. mwa!

Right Fashion for the Right Age

Fashion is truly an art; an expression of our moods, and thoughts. I say, when we are happy or sad or feel flirty, we express this in our clothing and accessories. Cool!!! Other people may appreciate this but for outfit that seems to be outrageous, people just give a disapproving stare.

But, this should not stop people to express themselves. In fact, I say, they who go against the fashion rules simply make their own fashion statements.

But, regardless whether we dress up according or not to our age, our physical well – being and personality as a whole is greatly affected by HGH which others seem to believe the fountain of youth. As we age, our beauty withers. Thus, some studies go for hgh releasers to help reverse the aging process. 
Our outfit is only complementary of how we see ourselves. Thus, if we believe that we are decaying beauties, any expensive or elegant outfit cant feign this perception.

Truly, a correct mindset creates our very own fashion statement.  Whatever we see good and make us feel good even if social norms contradict it, I say, go for it!

My New Casual - Sporty Feet Slip-On

Lovely Dr Scholls Shoes

Since I travel a lot, I have pairs of rubber and doll shoes to at least make the travel comfy. But, somehow, I look so manly with what I wear, that sometimes, I have to use heeled  shoes. 

But, my latest addition is this  Dr Scholls Shoes I asked my mom in - law! It looks like a Crocs to me since it is mainly made out of rubber but the strap is made up of leather.  So, it's a total combo classic to me. 

Too bad though that there is only one pair. Thus, I can only show the pics and not able to sell them. LOL!

Warm Fun Day On Nylon Fit

Grinning when I was a butterfly preserved sample at

Saggitarius Mining Inc Tour at Tampakan, Tupi

with fellow bloggers

Last March 6, we were invited by Saggitarius Mining Inc (SMI) at their project site to assess their mining practices. I indeed had my hesitation but somehow, I was appeased when their technology was presented.

The travel to the project site was long, bumpy, scary and warm that we were asked to be on long sleeves, rubber shoes and pants.  

I wore some nylon  fancy blouse and although the sun was scorching at its peak, somehow, the tickles of sweat were simply temporary and had that cool feel instead.

Nylon stuffs are quite a relief amidst extreme heat.  And, even if I have to cover my top, somehow, I still look elegant and sexy. LOL!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hating Long Skirts and Stuffs

My sibling and I simply had great time when we were younger. We played like active boys on the loose! LOL! Thus, we had scars more than needed. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

And the legs got that nasty proof. We both had leg peelings but as advised, the sessions will not remove the scars but only lighten the scar color to blend with the rest of the skin. We wish to have these sessions again as soon as we can because I have been hiding these legs by long pants and skirts.

Since I love to dress around, I wish to try anything so the legs shall soon be put to serious treatment. Hmnnn! Quite soon, I shall have this anxiety done and over with.

Perhaps during that session, I can have that warts and best acne treatments  too. It is always a fun time when one is soaked in spa and in other beauty services. My sisters and I will soon find a time to head to spa centers. Until then, I will just have to endure hiding my flaws. LOL!  

Knowing that I have my physical flaws makes me feel uncomfortable and this affects how I deal with others. Thus, either I change my mindset about how I must look good or go to the nearest treatment center.

Updates on Our Boutique

My sister earlier had talked to the mall's contact person to bargain for the requirements since the City Engineering's Office won't give us the permit unless we occupy the space.

So, after turning in our final perspective, we were given the go signal to start constructing. I shall contact the family bookkeeper to work on other requirements to speed up the the construction.

We are quite excited that soon we will have our own mall space but we still have so many things to attend to before the new place gets operational. The vacation time shall be appropriate for us to have the expected space construction done.

Updates on Our Boutique

My sister earlier had talked to the mall's contact person to bargain for the requirements since the City Engineering's Office won't give us the permit unless we occupy the space.

So, after turning in our final perspective, we were given the go signal to start constructing. I shall contact the family bookkeeper to work on other requirements to speed up the the construction.

We are quite excited that soon we will have our own mall space but we still have so many things to attend to before the new place gets operational. The vacation time shall be appropriate for us to have the expected space construction done.

Girl Mannequin Finally Getting Some Hair

My mannequin finally has her short – cut brunette wig. At least, we don’t have to cover her head with any hat. LOL! Perhaps, when I have the chance, I can still look for another wig color, say black, and then, I can mix and match the day’s color outfit style.

Soon, I will have both mannequins repaired since they fell and get partially broken when earthquakes struck last time.

The boutique will soon relocate and we can only work harder to get the occupancy all set. We want to build a nice impression for the boutique and create an elegant but welcoming atmosphere so all sorts of customers can just come in.

The coming days will be really busier for us.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Vanities: Bags, Shoes and . . . .

I am quite vain in terms of seeing myself wearing good stuffs regardless of the price. Somehow, I share this basic knowledge that if I look good, I feel good. 

So, my room is filled with bulks of bags and shoes  among other things. Somehow, letting go of the old ones ease the crowd in my closet!!!! My other relatives aggravate this liking when they normally send me branded stuffs including fashion accessories that complement my other  collections. Thus, I go to school on decent but fancy attire.  

But, one of my other vanities is anti - aging and anti - weight products. Geez! I could not put on my usual make - ups without going through my facial rudiments like applying some  face moisturizers   may these be home - made or commercially produced.  

For others, this kind of skin care can be a form of vanity but I dub this as proper skin care.  With  sun's heat and other pollutants, I can only imagine what these irritants can do to our skin. 

I am turning a year older again this year, and I notice my unlikely age with how my skin appear. There is no harm in getting vain or something when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  

Oldie Style But Accessorize

I got  some stuffs as freebies from my other relatives and I do appreciate the new stuffs but there were few items that need a big redo! LOL! 

So, not too appear as an old school oldie before my students and co - teachers, I somehow, mix and match my accessories with the outfit and bag.  Do I get the WOW praise? Yap! LOL!

Somehow, my lady students would query first  of my outfit than my lessons for the day. So, this made me advertise more our stuffs with less hassle and cost.

We can always be bold and creative and the thing is, we have to be confident with what we wear and how we look, otherwise, people would see us in different context.  Of course, we can be considerate of the occasion where we intend to be in. We don't want to be dubbed as one wacko - disastrous dresser. LOL!

New Boutique Stocks on Board

Our  new stocks  from my parents in-laws had recently arrived and these are welcoming since the old stocks were draining already.

I got my own share for personal use including bags, shoes and tops. LOL! While the rest of the family had their fare share too.

As part of boutique's control, I did record the new stocks but my day's headache is even aggravated  when we had to hurdle through bar codes and price tags. Worse, I could  only compare numbers against numbers. Geez! It seems that my eyes are already criss - crossed!

We are not yet done with the inventory but we wish to finish this so we can finally have the new stocks on shelf. Wish us luck! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Dressed - Up Notebook

My Eee PC notebook is more than one year old and it has been my company in my teaching and blogging works. 

But, the poor notebook is quite beaten with hard - to - remove  dusts, smudges and scratches. So, I decided to buy a  laptop skin to cover  and to protect the unit. Further,  I bought a matching keyboard rubberized protector.  But, since the skin was too big, it had to be cut and customized for my 8 - inch unit. 

With increasing hype for technology, we can only demand beauty and creativity for our fave gadgets and stuffs. I heard there are customized game things particularly personalized soccer balls  for anyone's taking.   

Customization is an art itself. My imagination is quite poor on this area but I do have a penchant for unique beauty. I only wish I can have any customized marvel in the world. LOL!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Oscar's Best and Worst Dressed

Penelope Cruz, simply beautiful

image source:

The much awaited Academy Award or formerly Oscar's Award was concluded last March 7, and it was aired live in the Philippines at 10 am, March 8. Although I had not seen the entire program, I had the chance to view the preliminary until Penelope Cruz presented the first award. 

I indeed liked the red gown of Penelope, simply dashing but since I had not seen the entire award's night, I could only view what others seemed to consider as best and worst dress. Although, I would not agree to some of their classifications. I quite like too Mariah Carey, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz but disliked the fit choices of Zoe Saldana, Charlize Theron, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

If you want to see  to more, click here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best Dressed Filipino Actors

I love foreign films but sometimes, I watch Filipino channels and  just get amazed by their skills and talents and choice for wardrobes. 

Beautiful actors and actresses simply are lovelier to look at  especially if they sport nicely styled stuffs. 

I find Marriane Rivera a beauty and  anything she wears is simply elegant and nice! Among the men, I like John Lloyd Cruz better. LOL!!!

But, during night time, we watch teleseries Agua Bendita, I love how the old vain woman there when she dress up. 

We can all really be vain but one sad truth among Filipinos is that only 5% or less are into investing for their futures. This can be attributed to the fact that every day can be more pressing than the future. This is even severed when there were pre - need insurance scams that plagued a number of parents and individuals. Thus, we can only be careful. Good thing, any type of insurance from  here  can be checked and evaluated. 

When everyday seems filled with a number of accidents and ill incidents, we can only be worried of what will happen to us or to our family once the unexpected comes and we don't have to resources to address the issue. 

Saving for our future can be a burden but using it on the most appropriate time  shall make all the burden worth it.  

I wish to save from buying unwanted stuffs and just invest for my future and my kid's. I just have to continue saving!  I can only wish it can be done by all Filipinos. 

Most Expensive Bag

Ginza Tanaka's design, priced at $1.9 Million

image source:

Ladies are simply vain with bags. Of course, we can only complement these with the accessories and shoes we wear and the dress of course. 

But, to what extent can one be in purchasing the  a lovely bag.  Here is by far, the most  expensive bag in the world.  Should I want this? Of course!!!! But, to actually buy it, no way!!!! LOL!

The Much Awaited Oscar's 2010 Fashion and Winners

This coming March 8, the local TV station shall air live the grand Oscar's 2010 or the recent name now, Academy Award

I have been waiting for this date since not only that I shall be witnessing if my fave movies getting awards or not but most of all, I shall be seeing how actors and actresses shall show off their grand suits. 

I quite liked how Penelope Cruz dressed up for Academy Award 2009 and I quite wonder how elegant and worst-styled some of the actors in that grand night. But, I wish to know  if 2010 can be more stylish with all the fantastic fashion accessories,  electric cigarette , dresses and tux. 

I hope we can fully view the air coverage although it is a class day for everyone. Perhaps, I can stay before my class in the afternoon.  This award's night shall be something I won't miss at all and other fashion enthusiasts will simply be hooked to their big tubes. 

Beatiful Color and Culture Tapestry of the B'Laan

Image: JF Vibert


We had the chance to visit a pure B'laan tribe today with some bloggers and the trip was pretty worth it in spite of the scary trip uphill.

Some of them were in their pretty tribal suits and were generous to showcase their dance. They have their combs, belts and woven clothes. The rest of us however, went to see their unique burial site where they place their box - enclosed dead on top of rocks until they decompose.

They quite believe that everything around them has a spirit owner that they have to pacify before they can claim or use. 

The community is big but with six families only. They sure are one big family to me.  The very old leader had eight wives! Pretty cool!

But, some B'laans in other parts of Mindanao do have their unique culture too.  It is only a sad thought that because of education and other  interventions, B'laan culture is gradually fading. We can only help them preserve their tribal spirit and traditions.