Saturday, March 20, 2010

Animal Skin for Fashion Goodies

I adore animals except the rodents, roach, slimey and carnivores ones. LOL!  But, as much I love and adore fashion goody stuffs. I am  personally against drawing out skins for bags, belts, shoes and stuffs. 

I guess the issue here is that we  just don't know how to draw the line when we hunt these animals for our  fancy savvy likings.

For one Chinchilla is a native rodent in Andes mountains part of South America and because they are hunted for their furs, they are near extinctions.

Sadly, one  of the most expensive renowned bag is made by Fendi Selleria priced at $38,000. The bag is made from skins of sable and Chinchilla.  Is this bag worth it? I say it is beyond this worth.


Fendi Selleria Bag - $38,000