Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beatiful Color and Culture Tapestry of the B'Laan

Image: JF Vibert


We had the chance to visit a pure B'laan tribe today with some bloggers and the trip was pretty worth it in spite of the scary trip uphill.

Some of them were in their pretty tribal suits and were generous to showcase their dance. They have their combs, belts and woven clothes. The rest of us however, went to see their unique burial site where they place their box - enclosed dead on top of rocks until they decompose.

They quite believe that everything around them has a spirit owner that they have to pacify before they can claim or use. 

The community is big but with six families only. They sure are one big family to me.  The very old leader had eight wives! Pretty cool!

But, some B'laans in other parts of Mindanao do have their unique culture too.  It is only a sad thought that because of education and other  interventions, B'laan culture is gradually fading. We can only help them preserve their tribal spirit and traditions.