Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful Hair Please

Different cultures and nationalities have a unique way of how their hair should look like, if it is curly or straight or kinky  or with outrageous hair style. But regardless of how it looks, what is more important is that the hair must be at all times healthy.

Healthy hair means we have healthy body. Thus, proper care must be given  so not to cause hair damage or hair loss. There are a number of reasons why a hair is not healthy. These  include too much sun exposure, excessive styling, harsh hair colors, poor diet, bad washing habits  and sleeping pattern. 

If we want to appear healthy, we should not overlook the hair as an indicator. Since it is comprised mainly of proteins, it will help if we eat protein - enriched food.   Futher, we don't have to  take a bath daily but if your lifestyle and hair type demands it, then there is no excuse for keeping that shower. We have to however, take a bath with water that is not too cold or too hot.  Our shampoo must be not too complex in its ingredients since the chemicals may cause harm than keeping its natural beauty and volume.  We then look for shampoos that give in vitamins to our hair instead and keep its natural moisture.

We want different hairstyles because these are expressions of our individuality but putting our hair under regular hairdryers or curlers can lead to hair damages. If it can be avoided, we rather do natural air drying.

There are also hair styling  tools that are covered with Teflon which will keep our hair from extreme heat. Further,  there are ionic hairdryers that give negative charges that keep natural moisture.

Before we do other hairstyles like curling, straightening or hair coloring, we must always check it with our stylist that the chemicals are safe. It will help if the solution is tested first as a patch on our arm before we compromise our entire head.  Before we do our preferred  hair color, it is important that our natural hair color must be determined first to get the right shade. Further, due care must be given before we hit the beach or pool as the exposures may bring side effects. 

I have been sporting a long hair but it is never easy to keep it healthy and nice. Basic care also includes not brushing it while it is wet. It is more recommended to use wide - tooth comb instead. Further, it will be helpful if towel is not wrapped against it like a turban style so not to add friction. It is also helpful that conditioners are used on the ends rather than on the scalp.

There are endless ways of taking care of our hair but the bottomline is that we should not simply overlook its needs. Diet, vitamins and special care must be given for it to grow healthy and shiny.