Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best Dressed Filipino Actors

I love foreign films but sometimes, I watch Filipino channels and  just get amazed by their skills and talents and choice for wardrobes. 

Beautiful actors and actresses simply are lovelier to look at  especially if they sport nicely styled stuffs. 

I find Marriane Rivera a beauty and  anything she wears is simply elegant and nice! Among the men, I like John Lloyd Cruz better. LOL!!!

But, during night time, we watch teleseries Agua Bendita, I love how the old vain woman there when she dress up. 

We can all really be vain but one sad truth among Filipinos is that only 5% or less are into investing for their futures. This can be attributed to the fact that every day can be more pressing than the future. This is even severed when there were pre - need insurance scams that plagued a number of parents and individuals. Thus, we can only be careful. Good thing, any type of insurance from  here  can be checked and evaluated. 

When everyday seems filled with a number of accidents and ill incidents, we can only be worried of what will happen to us or to our family once the unexpected comes and we don't have to resources to address the issue. 

Saving for our future can be a burden but using it on the most appropriate time  shall make all the burden worth it.  

I wish to save from buying unwanted stuffs and just invest for my future and my kid's. I just have to continue saving!  I can only wish it can be done by all Filipinos.