Friday, March 19, 2010

Bringing Our Boutique Online

We are still working on our requirements for the long - overdue mall space occupancy. And while we hammer and bother other people to help us with the requirements, we can only make do with our present store setup.  Sometimes, the delay can only trigger my migraine considering too that the extreme heat does not at all help.

The arrival of new stocks compels us to speed up the mall occupancy but since we cant control other entities, we can only find alternatives to sell our stuffs. Somehow, we can maximize the use of social networks to sell our  stocks even to our circle of friends and acquaintances.   

As a newbie entrepreneur, I  can only find means and alternatives to make my business work and reach out to as many as possible. Internet presence can address this concern but I can only maximize this strategy with enough skills and knowledge of online traffic and Internet infrastructure.  

We were able to sell stuffs online before but only through my blogs and friends. Since summer vacation is coming, I wish to make an e-commerce site for my boutique. I only have to read some techie books and merge my business know-how. This can be really one tough summer to bear. 

However, we can't fully present all stuffs since majority of these are still unaccounted for. I can't work my way recording all them against the receipts they have. Geez! I only have to work with reading barcodes manually. My migraine simply takes the lead and makes me more mad!  Migraine can't be fully treated but the pain can just be contained. Somehow, information from helps anyone who has this problem eases the condition.   

For now, I can only avoid my triggers, direct heat,too much stress and extreme noise. I wish that we can sell the new stocks through various media. The mall space is soon to be started, thus, we can only be excited!