Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get Fashion Trendy By the Book

Fashion is by itself an art; what seems to be plain stuffs to someone can be total glam for others.  I always believe that one would have to be comfortable with what he wears otherwise a beauty or not can do no good. 

But for some fashion  experts, fashion itself is about symmetry, innovation and coordination. Even if we try harder to make any stuff good on us, there are just some things and styles that don't fit at all.  Further, we have to consider our skin tone, age, and weight because what appears to be trendy and classy to others may not at all look good on us.  

The fashion trends are changing, elusive and tempting and  fashion designers, celebrities and socialites contribute a major influence on where these trends should lead. The product lines at runways define what can be the next fad on the street.  Even recession can't adversely contain fashion hypes.  Still, we get vibrant fashion industry news and these influence the public intensely. 

We adore beauty exuded from crafted clothings, and fashion accessories and sometimes, we are just lost with how we can be stunning. But, fashion experts say timeless style is possible. We can follow these basic rules: asset accentuates, monochromatic looks, elegant color and line combo, and trendy accessories among other things.

But, it also advised that we should not compromise comfort for style and fashion. Truly, if there is a fashion book that spells out everything, we can get this from Stylecaster and sometimes, experts do also say, fashion can be also about breaking the rules and innovating. This goes to say that as a person, we can set our trend. Where do designers come from anyway?