Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got Fancy Belts on Board

Calvin Klein elastic belt

Rolfs blacks/brown loops  

Rolfs leather brown

Another Rolfs brown braided leather

Fossil gold and silver braided belt

Apart from the bags, shoes, and new clothing stuffs, we got  a few of lovely leather belts. One indeed attracted my attention, a FOSSIL with  quilt - like patches as decors. 

Belts are a good way to accentuate your waist and give a contrast to colors and styles.  I must say, this should be one of the basic essentials in fashion  styling.

Sometimes, even if we are sick or  physically constrained, we can still be stylish but comfy at the same time. For some, fashion to them includes using braces,  wheel chairs and even crutches.  When one goes through any surgery like  spine surgery Mexico , medical support is only necessary to whatever he wears.  

I had this  experience when I sprained my ankle.  The bone was never broken but I always feel that sting on my foot when I am  stressed or when the weather is way too cold. 

Regardless of our physical state, we can choose to be still trendy and be our usual selves, at least in our fashion taste.