Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hating Long Skirts and Stuffs

My sibling and I simply had great time when we were younger. We played like active boys on the loose! LOL! Thus, we had scars more than needed. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

And the legs got that nasty proof. We both had leg peelings but as advised, the sessions will not remove the scars but only lighten the scar color to blend with the rest of the skin. We wish to have these sessions again as soon as we can because I have been hiding these legs by long pants and skirts.

Since I love to dress around, I wish to try anything so the legs shall soon be put to serious treatment. Hmnnn! Quite soon, I shall have this anxiety done and over with.

Perhaps during that session, I can have that warts and best acne treatments  too. It is always a fun time when one is soaked in spa and in other beauty services. My sisters and I will soon find a time to head to spa centers. Until then, I will just have to endure hiding my flaws. LOL!  

Knowing that I have my physical flaws makes me feel uncomfortable and this affects how I deal with others. Thus, either I change my mindset about how I must look good or go to the nearest treatment center.