Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Vanities: Bags, Shoes and . . . .

I am quite vain in terms of seeing myself wearing good stuffs regardless of the price. Somehow, I share this basic knowledge that if I look good, I feel good. 

So, my room is filled with bulks of bags and shoes  among other things. Somehow, letting go of the old ones ease the crowd in my closet!!!! My other relatives aggravate this liking when they normally send me branded stuffs including fashion accessories that complement my other  collections. Thus, I go to school on decent but fancy attire.  

But, one of my other vanities is anti - aging and anti - weight products. Geez! I could not put on my usual make - ups without going through my facial rudiments like applying some  face moisturizers   may these be home - made or commercially produced.  

For others, this kind of skin care can be a form of vanity but I dub this as proper skin care.  With  sun's heat and other pollutants, I can only imagine what these irritants can do to our skin. 

I am turning a year older again this year, and I notice my unlikely age with how my skin appear. There is no harm in getting vain or something when it comes to taking care of ourselves.