Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking Older, Fatter and Preggier?

What a wacky title I just got myself? LOL! With extreme heat, frequent brownouts, too much work pressures, I get tensed, bored and sometimes distressed that I simply want to freshen up and be entertained as often as possible.

At home, we practically prepare fruit shakes almost every night and when I get to our store to man it the next day, I spend at least three hours sitting and watching my favorite Korean movies. LOL! I get to work as a teacher only 15 hours a week. Thus, I spend most of my time sitting, either before a big tube or my little notebook.

No wonder the bulges are getting bigger. I decided to have a new hair cut too. So, what appeared to be an oval face, looks like a rounded pizza to me. LOL! The bulges particularly on my abdomen looks like a bulge when I was five months pregnant of my kid. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I got to  check which alternatives are really effective and which are not. It pays to  learn more   how to keep my weight really down, get effective results and contain that liking to eat and be immobile for a long time.

I keep on complaining about my weight and sad to say, I am doing less if nothing, to cut the weight down and do regular exercise again. Procastination and endless excuses always keep me from being on my running shoes and bike. I need help!