Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Much Awaited Oscar's 2010 Fashion and Winners

This coming March 8, the local TV station shall air live the grand Oscar's 2010 or the recent name now, Academy Award

I have been waiting for this date since not only that I shall be witnessing if my fave movies getting awards or not but most of all, I shall be seeing how actors and actresses shall show off their grand suits. 

I quite liked how Penelope Cruz dressed up for Academy Award 2009 and I quite wonder how elegant and worst-styled some of the actors in that grand night. But, I wish to know  if 2010 can be more stylish with all the fantastic fashion accessories,  electric cigarette , dresses and tux. 

I hope we can fully view the air coverage although it is a class day for everyone. Perhaps, I can stay before my class in the afternoon.  This award's night shall be something I won't miss at all and other fashion enthusiasts will simply be hooked to their big tubes.