Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Dressed - Up Notebook

My Eee PC notebook is more than one year old and it has been my company in my teaching and blogging works. 

But, the poor notebook is quite beaten with hard - to - remove  dusts, smudges and scratches. So, I decided to buy a  laptop skin to cover  and to protect the unit. Further,  I bought a matching keyboard rubberized protector.  But, since the skin was too big, it had to be cut and customized for my 8 - inch unit. 

With increasing hype for technology, we can only demand beauty and creativity for our fave gadgets and stuffs. I heard there are customized game things particularly personalized soccer balls  for anyone's taking.   

Customization is an art itself. My imagination is quite poor on this area but I do have a penchant for unique beauty. I only wish I can have any customized marvel in the world. LOL!