Friday, March 19, 2010

No Net Connection for the Boutique

It has been two days that the internet connection at home had gone wary and I could not even do my usual works like updating my blogs and posting some of stocks online. I had to sleep early but chose to wake up much earlier just to try my luck and have that much needed connection but to no avail. This is really very distressful that my head is spinning again.

Stress is one of the villains of wrinkles, zits and soggy look. With all the pressures from work, business and family and now from this nasty Internet Service Provider, I can go mad. I am getting little zits from limited sleeps and pressures that I shall check the store for best acne treatment  that can do wonder in just one day. 

Since my kid’s graduation will fill the morning’s time, I wish I still have the time to go to a mallwide wireless hot spot.  

I however, feel so guilty from keeping my precious time away from my kid and family. Sigh! This is really maddening. Sometimes, timing and instances can be quite off and out of luck.