Thursday, March 18, 2010

Right Fashion for the Right Age

Fashion is truly an art; an expression of our moods, and thoughts. I say, when we are happy or sad or feel flirty, we express this in our clothing and accessories. Cool!!! Other people may appreciate this but for outfit that seems to be outrageous, people just give a disapproving stare.

But, this should not stop people to express themselves. In fact, I say, they who go against the fashion rules simply make their own fashion statements.

But, regardless whether we dress up according or not to our age, our physical well – being and personality as a whole is greatly affected by HGH which others seem to believe the fountain of youth. As we age, our beauty withers. Thus, some studies go for hgh releasers to help reverse the aging process. 
Our outfit is only complementary of how we see ourselves. Thus, if we believe that we are decaying beauties, any expensive or elegant outfit cant feign this perception.

Truly, a correct mindset creates our very own fashion statement.  Whatever we see good and make us feel good even if social norms contradict it, I say, go for it!