Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sibling Fashion Taste

My younger siblings like loose shirts, semi - fit pants  and doll shoes / flip flops

one afternoon in a dog show, siblings in shorts and loose shirts

my other sister on party mood

with Tammy again but on mountain hike stuff

Having all girls at home makes our fashion taste varied. Since my mom did not raise us to be always on the go, independent and with less prim - and  - proper values, we were always on loose pants and tops. It was only Tammy who had her own sexy and stylish taste for clothing.

I on the other hand, bloomed late. LOL!  I only started to wear fit fancy tops and pants of different  colors, sexy shoes and fancy bags when I get married.  Did I regret this? Partly because I could have enjoyed my social life. Yikes!

But, my youngest siblings still prefer the shirts and pants over sexy stuffs. The thing is whatever we choose to sport on, we have to be first and foremost, comfortable.

It is always fun to be with loved ones regardless if they are stylish or not.