Saturday, March 20, 2010

Simple, Touchy and Comfy . .

My sister, Tammy dragged us to one of the malls here in General Santos City and since the power energy curtailment was on its schedule of cutting off the power again, we were only happy to be obliged to her whims.

But, to our surprise, she brought us to the KTV room of an entertainment store. We were asked to select 13 songs and  had fun time recalling titles. LOL!

I was all tensed singing before a bigger crowd although I must say, we were enclosed in a sound - proof room. LOL!!!! Thus, after one song, we were singing to our hearts' content. We ended up having highest scores on the screen. Hahahhaha!

I wish we can have this luxury at  home and a spa area with spa cover  to boost.   If resources are not a problem, my wish house shall be fully equipped with hotel - like amenities. LOL!  

With an hour of singing and laughing, it was one sweet afternoon that I won't forget.