Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Wear For Us

We are on the last day of our final exam and my test is scheduled late this afternoon. I was able to finish checking and recording my other subject and I hope that I can finish my other test just in time for our month - end's clearance.

After this month's requirements and examinations, I am officially off - work and shall start my two - month vacation. I have no reason anymore to miss my jogging and biking every morning. If only sleeps are not that heavenly, then I can really hit the road as early as 6 am.  

Sometimes, when it is harder to wake up, I wish I can just buy a  treadmill   and just do my regular jogs at home. Then, I don't have to miss my regular exercise and complain of my lumpy legs and belly.  I must dig already my running and biking outfits again. This summer shall be one hot time for us Filipinos.  

Experts do say that it takes 15-30 minutes of exercise before we can really burn our fats, so I have to be on running and biking mode for at least an hour. Even if I wish I have a fit figure, I can't have that unless my diet goes with physical exercise. Staying fit is never really easy and instant.