Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red on Tent!

This nasty brownout caught us off guard last night when we were about to sleep, the cut hit in. Sigh!!!! Good thing, we were only on comfy shorts and cotton sleeveless (red for me) that somehow, the heat was pacified.

The thing is our room is quite hot since the windows are not much. Thus, we had to install the tent on our garden at the last minute. Good thing though, that my seven - year -old had enough training from his dad to know which stick goes to where. Hahahahhaha!

But, whenever we have to stay outdoor for our sleep, I am always anxious of our security. Although, the neighborhood is peaceful, but it is not enough to keep be relaxed. I wish we can have home security systems to keep us always secured.

In the recent news, one burglar was caught on a security cam trying to break in. I just hope they catch the bad guy.

It is never a wasted investment once family and property security is already at stake.

What Piercing Are You?

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Needing Cotton Shirts

The summer heat is indeed too much lately. Worse, the rotating brownouts really aggravate the temperature. Most of the time then, I head to the mall and drag my kid with me to cool down.

However, since I have to head to the store every day, I am running really of shirts. I do switch between my blouses but I guess, my closet isn't really to big for my liking. LOL!

I will however, dig in our store and buy some shirts myself. Funny though but since we have our boutique, we rarely buy stuffs from others. Well, it is only practical that we buy our own stuffs. LOL!

Then, I must dig into my pocket then for some paper bills to pay. Geez!

Interior Design for Dummy!

Although I appreciate fashion and somehow, know the basics of mix and match, I am quite limited in interior design. Well, dont blame me, my education is way far from designing. LOL!

But, when my husband did design our boutique, I simply gave some tips and he somehow, made all the inputs come together. Somehow, since the boutique should exude elegance, he had the lighting and colors and design complement one another. We shall be having the needed counter, center display, some good shelves, changing and stocks rooms, and bathroom lighting if possible.

My fave color is red and my feng shui tells me, it is a lucky business color too. As soon as we are back from the trip, my husband will be all ready to have the construction started. I hope my luck will really kick in for the business. I just have to cross my fingers, then.

My Jewelry Wishlist

Soon it will be my birthday and we are scheduled to have an out - of -town trip to join my sibling. I guess that is my birthday treat to myself.

However, I wish to have new sets of silver and steel jewelry to add to my list and perhaps, another gold ring with cultured pearl to match my earrings and pendant.

But, since I have two other pearls left, I might want to create another pendant and a bangle. Hmnnn! Although, I openly gave the cue to my husband and I just wish that he would fall for the cue. LOL!

Well, I might as well save some seeds to buy them just in case, no one would answer my wish. Hmnnn.

Filipino Fashion Designer Monique Lhuillier

Nothing makes  fellow Filipinos prouder than seeing another Filipino make a mark in global arena. So, I am only honored that I found this runway of Monique Lhuillier who is hailed from Cebu City, Philippines but has made tremendous statements in the fashion world through her glorious designs. 

Her works were noticeably praised on red carpets, including Jamie-Lynn DiScala of The Sopranos and Will & Grace star Megan Mullally and  on the wedding of Britney Spears.

Truly, she makes the impression that Philippines is hometown for world class talents. We have Manny Pacquaio(boxer), Oliver Tolentino(fashion designer), Charice Pempengco(singer), and more.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wear Comfy Summer Clothes

The thing with summer and rotating brownouts is that they can get into your nerves pretty badly. Gosh! I have to endure all the heat and no sale all at the same time. Sigh!

Somehow, our daily fit includes shorts, flip flops and cotton shirts. They help a little to ease the heat but if the temperature gets all so high, we can only hit malls and stay there until the lights get back. 

With bleak sales and no work, my pocket is quite drained. Sigh! Paying the bills gets more and more cumbersome. To top it all, I may have to skip my expensive insurance. Too bad, I could have checked  online life insurance  and compare prices and benefits. 

These economic crisis and El Nino make life harder and less convenient. No wonder, a number of families go for multiple jobs and head to beaches just to cool down and make through. Gosh! I might as well start considering another work. 

Bleak Boutique Sales

 It has been weeks since we have our last sales albeit we can only make one sale in a week if we are lucky. This is the very reason why we decided to move our boutique to the mall to make it more conspicuous and accessible to other clients.

Brownouts dont help much too since people would rather stay in the comforts of mall than in a damp store like ours. I only hope that sales will get better in the coming days otherwise we only incur expenses of going to and fro and dining. 

Sigh!!! Apparel is not as appealing as food business. As soon as the boutique gets settled, I shall make use of our old boutique space for some refreshment business. Until then, we can only be hopeful.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Losing Weight to Fit In

After weeks of exercise, somehow I am losing weight. I can fit into my skinny jeans where I had harder time pulling them up before that I had to drag my family member to help me through. LOL!  

So, in spite of waking up early to jog and to face scorching heat, I am seeing results. Of course, I can only be hopeful because I still see bulges on my belly. Exercise is  indeed never easy that months ago, I always had a reason to skip my jogs and bikes. 

With obesity lurking and pressing as a global issue, any means to lose unwanted bulges is always  appealing.  Others seek cosmetic surgeries, weight loss programs, and medications. But, regardless of the medium we choose to lose weight, it will be helpful to seek advices from the experts and read reviews  like  nuphedragen review  to see if we won't be compromising our health. 

We want to exercise for healthy and sexy reasons and I  am pretty sure that these can be basic motivations to keep going and sustain the exercise for a more permanent habit. 

Needing Running Sweater

Since I have been jogging for three weeks, it becomes easier to make five rounds two kilometers or so around a local mall. I make sure that I wear my running shoes because the last time I wore my doll shoes, I ended up not jogging because of severe blisters on my feet. Stupid me. Hahahhahha! So, my morning outfit only includes sweat pants and shirts plus another sweater to make the perspiration harder.

But, I guess with every day jog, I seem to have consumed all of the options from my wardrobe. I did ask my husband to scout for my other exercise paraphernalia from our old house since we will resume with blades and biking once he gets back.

The thing with exercise is it has become a daily habit to me that regardless of the lack of sleep, I just wake up at the same time. So, I end up still on running shoes. I guess sweats may be gross for some but to sweat under an exercise seems glorious for me. Ewwww!!!!

Hating My New Look!



I have been an avid fan of Korean movies and with that obsession I had my hair style changed. I sport bangs for a change. Geez! The last time I had this kind of cut was in college days. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Although the change caught some good praises but I personally feel edgy whenever I look at myself before I mirror. I guess I just have to really get used to it. But, I am quite sure that it will take a long time before I will be crazy again and have a hair style frenzy. LOL!

Oldies Looking Young?

My age is now off from the calendar’s stats and the downsides of aging can really get into my nerves. For one, scars as little or light as scratches can leave an almost permanent mark on my skin and I seem to see saggy – and – not – so – appealing – looking areas on my arms that I wish I have resources to go through cosmetic surgeries. Sigh!

I did try firming body lotion before and I had seen some results. I wish I can find a firming face cream to tighten the saggy areas just below my eyes and cheeks. I quite envy celebrities like Madonna or Demi Moore who seem not to age physically. LOL!

The least thing that I can do now to contain the effects of my age is to exercise and diet effectively, dress what I like, and simply feel young because my loved ones are ok, got the job I love, and can still do more. 

Regardless of age, we can choose to be young if we know how to have that positive mindset or just forget counting. LOL!

Cheezy, Sexy Brassiere for Business

initiative that pays!
image source: email

Men (or women) can be quite creative when crisis sinks in and this is proven simply through an emailed picture of a lady selling lemonade contained in a special brassiere. I quite found the picture too grossed to see but the impression was soon overcame by the fact that in times of crisis, we can only think ways to survive especially if we consider mouths to feed.

The lady indeed made pretty good sales among the beach goers although I must say the customers must be all men and babies to really enjoy the fun. LOL!

Summer Wear Rocks

On one hot summer day

The national news earlier warned the public of the extreme scorching heat that it was advised to rather stay indoors or at least, wear sun proof gears or cream.

And since, brownouts don’t help much, I would prefer to be in shorts, flip flops and sleeveless. I tag along my umbrella and sunglasses and my kid’s outfit is not at all that far from my choice. At least, if the heat is unbearable, he can choose to be top naked. LOL! Sundresses are part of my options too. Geez! This heat makes me more creative in style.

There are now five cases of deaths due to heat strokes, thus, it will be healthier if we can stay away from the sun from 10 am to 3pm. Drinking lots of liquids and sporting comfy fits can help too.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Are Vain But. . ..

Men are as vain as women that beauty and body products are just practically for both sexes covering from hair to toenails. LOL! Beauty regimens for both genders of course include body spa, acne cleanser, whitening or tanning, body stuffs and cosmetic surgery. These are heavenly especially, when they are within our resources and when they are really effective. I am practically guilty of some stuffs I keep for my beauty habit.

These are indeed heaven sent considering the elation we will be deriving from our plain or severe vanity. What makes vanity so wrong is when we sacrifice our health because of ignorance and concern for cheapest – but - compromising services or products. These are commonly the reasons why there are adverse effects of cosmetic surgeries or beauty products simply because some physicians or cosmetic service providers claim they are highly competent but their services speak otherwise. Also, I can’t count the times when some cosmetic products brought terror instead because of ill ingredients in the products.

Thus, vanity is acceptable but we have to be vigilant of our health and evaluate only with our legitimate physicians all drawbacks and good sides of any surgery or beauty product. No sane person will choose to compromise himself over his vanity but it pays to be more careful and choose only effective and safe services and goodies. We don’t want to end up on hospital beds other than beauty reasons. 

Fashion Designer Kira Palestinian in Manila

 I caught this news just days ago that the world's youngest fashion designer was in the Philippines to open one of her stores. COOL!

At the age of 14, she was able to have her own fashion line for teens and fashion stylists that include Paris Hilton, and Rachel Bilson among other celebrities. 

In the Philippines, she has one store in SM and I am quite sure she will inspire a lot of fashion enthusiasts.

Some Boutique Update

In my earlier posts, I did mention that we were given the award notice to start the construction on the mall space allotted for us. But, since my husband and I are scheduled for individual trips, we can only put hold the construction until we get back late May.

The mall leasing department did query from us yesterday when we can finally start. I only asked my sibling to present our concerns at the moment and to allow the construction next month.
The notice gives us 15 days for construction, so, we have to really maximize the duration to complete everything before my husband leaves for Singapore in June.

It quite scares us to start the mall space but I am positive too that the stocks won’t really get noticed until we place them in a more conspicuous place. We can only be more hopeful of our plan. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Needing Athletic Wear

Since I am back to jogging on a daily basis, I am running out of jogging suits. LOL!!! I did jog lately with jacket on to make the sweating harder and I need another sweat jacket to replace it. Not only that it helps me in my exercise but it also protects my arms from scourging heat once the sun is quite up. I don't want to acquire some skin problem from extreme exposure just like when one acquires asbestos cancer. It is always best to be informed about illnesses especially those who are latent in form. Health knowledge like mesothelioma prognosis can constitute appropriate prevention and treatment.

I am quite afraid of my family too since it was recently on headlines that three others had died of heat stroke. So, I am quite strong about telling them to stay at home especially during heat peaks.

I shall soon acquire my other athletic gears for my regular exercise and protection at the same time.

Boutique Mall Construction Stalled

It has been weeks since we were given the award notice that signals the start of construction for our mall space. But, we can’t have the strength to start it when we are scheduled to leave this summer for individual vacations.

So, I did ask my other sibling to at least, inform the mall of our pending travels and when we can be back and start the construction.

We can only work on other pending essentials like credit card swiper and tags to keep us busy. I only hope that our resources will be enough before this construction takes its toll.
I wish that our sales gets better in the coming days to at least, fill up the losses in between.

Boutique Stocks Tagged

We still experience rotating brownout in spite of the occasional rains that hit us. Thus, I can only make use of the lights – open time to create price tags for our stocks. I did dare to work on them initially when the brown out hit in this morning, but after a few minutes, I gave up soaked in sweat!

So, it has been my routine that I use my stalled time reading my Twilight Saga books and working on boutique business as soon as lights set in.

I may have lax days since classes were off, but I simply can’t sit still doing nothing. Thus, reading consumes most time. I rarely watch movies too since I am quite hooked to my books. LOL!

The day is almost done now but tomorrow shall be another day of books, store works, and music! I guess my coming days are quite predictable, eh. LOL!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wishing for One Size Less

It has only been a week since my every day exercise, but I am beginning to see results since my watch begins to fall loose on my wrist and pants become a “little” loose. I am dead fixed to size 3 but I wish to cut it one size less to at least curb those unwanted fats.

I can only sustain my morning regimen and stick with healthy diet but there are also safe and considered best fat burning supplement that I can consider to see better and faster results.

I can only set my goals and be consistent about reaching them. I just have to keep my efforts straightened and break not the usual routine so I wont slack back to my old ways of eating more and no exercises.

Seeing results means I am on the right track. LOL!

Witty and Competent Adel Tamano for Senator

SOX Bloggers with Atty Adel Tamano

We had the chance to sit with Atty Adel Tamano last night and at first, I was all hesitant to join the SOX Bloggers since I shall be only forced to listen to old politics and wishes of any political candidate.

But, I had witnessed how this man from Mindanao able to capture everyone else in the group by his sincere compassion for Filipinos and need for change. He is way farther in the national survey but I hope he can be heard by most sensible people and choose him instead for  his competence, platform and integrity. 

He is one of the few candidates who I believe can really make a difference in driving this nation forward and with sustaining change. 

No Pressed Clothes!

The rotating brownouts in Mindanao particularly, can be quite disappointing. SOCOTECO, our local energy provider, had once given us a schedule for the rotating brownouts in two alternating schedules. But, for some unknown reasons, they can't stick with the schedule for long.

There were days that the brownouts were shorter than scheduled while on Sundays, we can simply enjoy the no - interruption scheds. 

But, today after morning exercise, we were warmly welcomed by the sudden brownout. GRRRRRR! I have to work on my blogs at a local mall to connect with their internet provider and be on no-press-need dress and shorts! Although, I seem to be a model for summer days, but I can only be thankful that the mall is wifi for free access. LOL!

I guess this day isn't bad afterall! Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Filipino Holy Week Fashion and Fun

Philippines is home to a number of Christians and we basically, honor this week the same way we give honor to Christmas. Thus, these holy days are normally of no work or school. As we consume the day  offs in our store, others use the rest days in beaches and on vacations with loved ones to somewhere else.

But, since holy week is sacred, we can only keep our ways simple and decent.  Establishments are usually closed on holy days but malls just close up on Good Fridays. Normally, there are mall sales but we always enjoy  Cyber Monday where we get to buy good stuffs for summer vacations. 

I wish to have IPOD Nano 3G to replace my MP3  so I can enjoy jogging and idle  time all together. My kid will soon have his WII  and I can use this too for more fun. LOL!

Fashion Business for Filipino Artists

As part of my morning regimen, I wake up quite early for morning jogs and blades. But, since it is weekend already, we get to watch Swak na Swak, a Filipino program on small scale businesses.  

Of course, since my siblings and I are just new with business in spite of my mom's decade of furniture making, I am only interested how Filipinos thrive with  different industries. And, I can only be amazed that artists are into entrepreneurship too.

Just this morning, a beauty titlist, Daisy Reyes was featured with her soap and personally crafted sandals.  Now,  she  is only three  months old in business but she  is already exporting to Neatherlands. Quite inspiring, huh.

I guess this only proves that showbiz is never a long time career, these artists are just too sensible to fend for their future. I guess, we can only be inspired to do the same. 

Boutique SOS!

With rotating brownouts, warm weather and bleak sales, any entrepreneur can really get cranky. Whenever I am caught with these extremes, I just consume my store hours in between reading and fanning to get refreshed. So, in the middle of my accounting records, I get to stop once brownout schedule takes its toll.

The boutique however, needs more summer dresses. I only wish that I can find time and resources to seek and buy new ones.

I am only more hesitant to bring the store to Gaisano knowing that sales can be bleak while operating expenses run. At least, I get inspiration from reading articles online and watching my fave sites in between reading.

It pays to read tips from the success and failures of other businesses at least, I know where to start and avoid what can my business strategy vain.  But, business is never predictable, I can only only be prepared.

Getting Boutique Help?

Since sales is not much from our recent store location, we did not bother hiring a sales person to man it every day. Somehow, my other family members and I take turn in manning it while I go to and fro school.

But, since classes are off, I get to manage it alone. However, once we relocate our boutique to the mall, a hired help is a must. I know potential jobs are posted online just in case I will place my ad for vacancy.  I get to screen for most suitable applicant for the job. 

Running a business is quite difficult but I can only go through with the help of my family and some tips from seasoned businessmen.  Somehow, technology helps to make things faster and lighter. Thank heavens!

Wrapping Shoes and Others for Display

When brownouts take their place, we are compelled to open our store doors to at least make air less damp and hot.  But, what goes with this choice is for dust to also come it  and  wrap their way to our stocks.

So, to remedy this, I got the shoes and bags covered with see - through wrappers. I only wish that our customers wont be that adamant to remove the plastics or that my nephews would leave these stocks alone.

I still have to wrap some uncovered stocks tomorrow albeit I can also wrap our apparel  to keep them clean.  This brownout really sucks! Sigh! 

Stock Inventory and Accounting For Us

Since classes are already done, I use my free time to create summaries for the sales and expenses for our boutique. I was quite disturbed knowing that the last entries I had previously made were the ones in mid – 2009. Gosh, I was all caught up with teaching works.

So, after the recording, I move to updating my inventory. There are simply so many things to do. I can’t even complete the inventory of those newly – arrived stocks. Sigh, I am dead beat.

Worse, I can't  completely finish the inventory when rotating brownouts hit in since I know I will be soaked in sweat. 

I only wish I can finish everything this weekend. I  just have to cross my fingers then. LOL!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Women's Lingerie: Appeal and Self Esteem

For centuries lingeries have long been used in the form of bone - hugging corsets, camisoles and alike. For some, these lingeries were to appeal the opposite sex, and to boost social stature.  Women those days used lingeries to attract men, to envy other women and to show off how well off they were in the society they lived in.  In spite of the discomfort of these good old - days lingeries, women endured them for reasons given. Women then were limited in their roles and basically they were fixated to marriage and keeping their homes. 

But these days,  women now are socially, politically and professionally active. They are not limited to home roles anymore as they fill in job and positions in politics, law, healthcare, education and even sports. Thus, the need and role of lingeries have changed as well. The old mindset about lingerie is now replaced with lingeries that serve not only to appeal the opposite sex but also to improve self esteem. Further, comfort and fashion have become a complementary requirements for lingeries.    These have become primary criteria for selecting and using any form of lingerie.

More importantly, it is not women who are concerned with what they wear but also men too. So, reasons for picking the right undergarments goes beyond women's basic essentials. 

Sexiness is not anymore defined to women or men with curves and statistics. It is now relative to feeling. Specifically, looking and feeling good makes any one sexy regardless of their gender, age and weight.   Thus, fashion designers go for sexy lingerie for everyone of different forms and figures.   

Thus, getting the right picks  like discount lingerie not only brings worth to every penny paid but it also assures that we shall be proud, comfortable and confident that not only because we wear beautiful undergarments but also we define our selves with them. We ooze a feeling of power, sensitivity and appeal. 


Hot Picks on Our Sundresses

Since summer is already up here in the Philippines where temperature goes as high as 35 degrees Celsius,  only cold venues and refreshing outfits can be preferred. 

The store has been weak in sales in the last two weeks but lately, three of our summer dresses were purchased.  The timing was all ok since holy week is also a time for long recreations and vacations to beaches among other areas.

And with that, we need more summer dresses to fill the store. I only wish we can replenish the stocks soon enough. Although my trip to my sister is still way ahead, I have to find other means to fill up demand.

Award Notice for Our Boutique Construction

Finally, the mall had given us an Award Notice informing us that we can soon anticipate a contract so that the space can be constructed already and be used after 15-day renovation.

We shall have to present this notice to the rest of the family and get  a head start and be ready right after holy week.

Next week shall be a time for material quotation and for other requirements. We are quite excited of our relocation but I am also anxious if we can really do well. I can only be hopeful.