Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interior Design for Dummy!

Although I appreciate fashion and somehow, know the basics of mix and match, I am quite limited in interior design. Well, dont blame me, my education is way far from designing. LOL!

But, when my husband did design our boutique, I simply gave some tips and he somehow, made all the inputs come together. Somehow, since the boutique should exude elegance, he had the lighting and colors and design complement one another. We shall be having the needed counter, center display, some good shelves, changing and stocks rooms, and bathroom lighting if possible.

My fave color is red and my feng shui tells me, it is a lucky business color too. As soon as we are back from the trip, my husband will be all ready to have the construction started. I hope my luck will really kick in for the business. I just have to cross my fingers, then.