Friday, April 9, 2010

Boutique SOS!

With rotating brownouts, warm weather and bleak sales, any entrepreneur can really get cranky. Whenever I am caught with these extremes, I just consume my store hours in between reading and fanning to get refreshed. So, in the middle of my accounting records, I get to stop once brownout schedule takes its toll.

The boutique however, needs more summer dresses. I only wish that I can find time and resources to seek and buy new ones.

I am only more hesitant to bring the store to Gaisano knowing that sales can be bleak while operating expenses run. At least, I get inspiration from reading articles online and watching my fave sites in between reading.

It pays to read tips from the success and failures of other businesses at least, I know where to start and avoid what can my business strategy vain.  But, business is never predictable, I can only only be prepared.