Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boutique Stocks Tagged

We still experience rotating brownout in spite of the occasional rains that hit us. Thus, I can only make use of the lights – open time to create price tags for our stocks. I did dare to work on them initially when the brown out hit in this morning, but after a few minutes, I gave up soaked in sweat!

So, it has been my routine that I use my stalled time reading my Twilight Saga books and working on boutique business as soon as lights set in.

I may have lax days since classes were off, but I simply can’t sit still doing nothing. Thus, reading consumes most time. I rarely watch movies too since I am quite hooked to my books. LOL!

The day is almost done now but tomorrow shall be another day of books, store works, and music! I guess my coming days are quite predictable, eh. LOL!