Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Business for Filipino Artists

As part of my morning regimen, I wake up quite early for morning jogs and blades. But, since it is weekend already, we get to watch Swak na Swak, a Filipino program on small scale businesses.  

Of course, since my siblings and I are just new with business in spite of my mom's decade of furniture making, I am only interested how Filipinos thrive with  different industries. And, I can only be amazed that artists are into entrepreneurship too.

Just this morning, a beauty titlist, Daisy Reyes was featured with her soap and personally crafted sandals.  Now,  she  is only three  months old in business but she  is already exporting to Neatherlands. Quite inspiring, huh.

I guess this only proves that showbiz is never a long time career, these artists are just too sensible to fend for their future. I guess, we can only be inspired to do the same.