Friday, April 9, 2010

Filipino Holy Week Fashion and Fun

Philippines is home to a number of Christians and we basically, honor this week the same way we give honor to Christmas. Thus, these holy days are normally of no work or school. As we consume the day  offs in our store, others use the rest days in beaches and on vacations with loved ones to somewhere else.

But, since holy week is sacred, we can only keep our ways simple and decent.  Establishments are usually closed on holy days but malls just close up on Good Fridays. Normally, there are mall sales but we always enjoy  Cyber Monday where we get to buy good stuffs for summer vacations. 

I wish to have IPOD Nano 3G to replace my MP3  so I can enjoy jogging and idle  time all together. My kid will soon have his WII  and I can use this too for more fun. LOL!