Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Losing Weight to Fit In

After weeks of exercise, somehow I am losing weight. I can fit into my skinny jeans where I had harder time pulling them up before that I had to drag my family member to help me through. LOL!  

So, in spite of waking up early to jog and to face scorching heat, I am seeing results. Of course, I can only be hopeful because I still see bulges on my belly. Exercise is  indeed never easy that months ago, I always had a reason to skip my jogs and bikes. 

With obesity lurking and pressing as a global issue, any means to lose unwanted bulges is always  appealing.  Others seek cosmetic surgeries, weight loss programs, and medications. But, regardless of the medium we choose to lose weight, it will be helpful to seek advices from the experts and read reviews  like  nuphedragen review  to see if we won't be compromising our health. 

We want to exercise for healthy and sexy reasons and I  am pretty sure that these can be basic motivations to keep going and sustain the exercise for a more permanent habit.