Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Needing Athletic Wear

Since I am back to jogging on a daily basis, I am running out of jogging suits. LOL!!! I did jog lately with jacket on to make the sweating harder and I need another sweat jacket to replace it. Not only that it helps me in my exercise but it also protects my arms from scourging heat once the sun is quite up. I don't want to acquire some skin problem from extreme exposure just like when one acquires asbestos cancer. It is always best to be informed about illnesses especially those who are latent in form. Health knowledge like mesothelioma prognosis can constitute appropriate prevention and treatment.

I am quite afraid of my family too since it was recently on headlines that three others had died of heat stroke. So, I am quite strong about telling them to stay at home especially during heat peaks.

I shall soon acquire my other athletic gears for my regular exercise and protection at the same time.