Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Needing Running Sweater

Since I have been jogging for three weeks, it becomes easier to make five rounds two kilometers or so around a local mall. I make sure that I wear my running shoes because the last time I wore my doll shoes, I ended up not jogging because of severe blisters on my feet. Stupid me. Hahahhahha! So, my morning outfit only includes sweat pants and shirts plus another sweater to make the perspiration harder.

But, I guess with every day jog, I seem to have consumed all of the options from my wardrobe. I did ask my husband to scout for my other exercise paraphernalia from our old house since we will resume with blades and biking once he gets back.

The thing with exercise is it has become a daily habit to me that regardless of the lack of sleep, I just wake up at the same time. So, I end up still on running shoes. I guess sweats may be gross for some but to sweat under an exercise seems glorious for me. Ewwww!!!!