Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Pressed Clothes!

The rotating brownouts in Mindanao particularly, can be quite disappointing. SOCOTECO, our local energy provider, had once given us a schedule for the rotating brownouts in two alternating schedules. But, for some unknown reasons, they can't stick with the schedule for long.

There were days that the brownouts were shorter than scheduled while on Sundays, we can simply enjoy the no - interruption scheds. 

But, today after morning exercise, we were warmly welcomed by the sudden brownout. GRRRRRR! I have to work on my blogs at a local mall to connect with their internet provider and be on no-press-need dress and shorts! Although, I seem to be a model for summer days, but I can only be thankful that the mall is wifi for free access. LOL!

I guess this day isn't bad afterall! Happy Sunday everyone!