Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oldies Looking Young?

My age is now off from the calendar’s stats and the downsides of aging can really get into my nerves. For one, scars as little or light as scratches can leave an almost permanent mark on my skin and I seem to see saggy – and – not – so – appealing – looking areas on my arms that I wish I have resources to go through cosmetic surgeries. Sigh!

I did try firming body lotion before and I had seen some results. I wish I can find a firming face cream to tighten the saggy areas just below my eyes and cheeks. I quite envy celebrities like Madonna or Demi Moore who seem not to age physically. LOL!

The least thing that I can do now to contain the effects of my age is to exercise and diet effectively, dress what I like, and simply feel young because my loved ones are ok, got the job I love, and can still do more. 

Regardless of age, we can choose to be young if we know how to have that positive mindset or just forget counting. LOL!