Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red on Tent!

This nasty brownout caught us off guard last night when we were about to sleep, the cut hit in. Sigh!!!! Good thing, we were only on comfy shorts and cotton sleeveless (red for me) that somehow, the heat was pacified.

The thing is our room is quite hot since the windows are not much. Thus, we had to install the tent on our garden at the last minute. Good thing though, that my seven - year -old had enough training from his dad to know which stick goes to where. Hahahahhaha!

But, whenever we have to stay outdoor for our sleep, I am always anxious of our security. Although, the neighborhood is peaceful, but it is not enough to keep be relaxed. I wish we can have home security systems to keep us always secured.

In the recent news, one burglar was caught on a security cam trying to break in. I just hope they catch the bad guy.

It is never a wasted investment once family and property security is already at stake.