Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Are Vain But. . ..

Men are as vain as women that beauty and body products are just practically for both sexes covering from hair to toenails. LOL! Beauty regimens for both genders of course include body spa, acne cleanser, whitening or tanning, body stuffs and cosmetic surgery. These are heavenly especially, when they are within our resources and when they are really effective. I am practically guilty of some stuffs I keep for my beauty habit.

These are indeed heaven sent considering the elation we will be deriving from our plain or severe vanity. What makes vanity so wrong is when we sacrifice our health because of ignorance and concern for cheapest – but - compromising services or products. These are commonly the reasons why there are adverse effects of cosmetic surgeries or beauty products simply because some physicians or cosmetic service providers claim they are highly competent but their services speak otherwise. Also, I can’t count the times when some cosmetic products brought terror instead because of ill ingredients in the products.

Thus, vanity is acceptable but we have to be vigilant of our health and evaluate only with our legitimate physicians all drawbacks and good sides of any surgery or beauty product. No sane person will choose to compromise himself over his vanity but it pays to be more careful and choose only effective and safe services and goodies. We don’t want to end up on hospital beds other than beauty reasons.