Thursday, April 1, 2010

Women's Lingerie: Appeal and Self Esteem

For centuries lingeries have long been used in the form of bone - hugging corsets, camisoles and alike. For some, these lingeries were to appeal the opposite sex, and to boost social stature.  Women those days used lingeries to attract men, to envy other women and to show off how well off they were in the society they lived in.  In spite of the discomfort of these good old - days lingeries, women endured them for reasons given. Women then were limited in their roles and basically they were fixated to marriage and keeping their homes. 

But these days,  women now are socially, politically and professionally active. They are not limited to home roles anymore as they fill in job and positions in politics, law, healthcare, education and even sports. Thus, the need and role of lingeries have changed as well. The old mindset about lingerie is now replaced with lingeries that serve not only to appeal the opposite sex but also to improve self esteem. Further, comfort and fashion have become a complementary requirements for lingeries.    These have become primary criteria for selecting and using any form of lingerie.

More importantly, it is not women who are concerned with what they wear but also men too. So, reasons for picking the right undergarments goes beyond women's basic essentials. 

Sexiness is not anymore defined to women or men with curves and statistics. It is now relative to feeling. Specifically, looking and feeling good makes any one sexy regardless of their gender, age and weight.   Thus, fashion designers go for sexy lingerie for everyone of different forms and figures.   

Thus, getting the right picks  like discount lingerie not only brings worth to every penny paid but it also assures that we shall be proud, comfortable and confident that not only because we wear beautiful undergarments but also we define our selves with them. We ooze a feeling of power, sensitivity and appeal.