Friday, May 28, 2010

Dresses Unfit for Big People

My sister has a different hobby whenever she is with her friends and that includes beer drinking and eating. Oftentimes, she says she has a sweet time with them after her hang over subsides. But, most of the time, she complains that her belly gets bigger. So, her old empire dresses that seem nice on her have become maternity dresses. I did convince her to join me in my morning exercise, but, she always has the excuse not to join me.

With lifestyles and eating habits, it is always easy to gain weights but too difficult even to shed a pound. So, to remove my belly lumps, I do jog and taebo every day.

However, exercises are always straining and take time for results to be visible. So, others seek other means including cosmetic surgery, vitamin supplements,diet pills to name a few.

My sister and I love to dress up but when excess weights can impede our fashion taste, we can only be grumpy and cranky.

Missing Stock Exhibits

We had these pictures taken during a mall exhibit and although we had draining days, the exhibit was fun but we did not really earn much from the exhibit that I decided not to join again.

But, the good thing with exhibit, our old stocks were sold and I get to replenish them with newer ones.

I hope our mall space occupancy gets realized, so, we can sell the stuffs.

My All - Time Favorite

The Boys Over Flowers Cast
photo source:

I am a die - hard fan of some selected Korean films and had seen a good number of Korean movies and TV series but all my time favorites include the Boys Over Flowers cast.

This is indeed a total mania as the the series alone had been played on national channels 4x at least. hahhahahah! I have 3 copies of the CD alone and had seen it more than 3x at different languages. hahahha!

But, I could never get over this series because it is fun, romantic and sweet that you seem to remember falling in love again and again. Geez!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aging but Beautiful

50+ but simply beautiful and gorgeous
photo source:

I am soon to turn a year older and way up from calendar this coming June and some would say that I don't look my age, I can only be happier.

But, I can't help but be amazed with celebrities who in spite of their age look better and younger than their Generation Y counterpart.

These celebrities do have their fit exercises, diet, and other interventions to keep them young and beautiful.

Good thing even the general public can have access to the treatments like a prototype 37c and services these 50ish celebrities have.

For people whose age can be a problem, self esteem can be a little degraded but with right interventions and attitude, we can also have the Hollywood look.

The Boutique Lady

I gave up my fulltime teaching work to manage our boutique and although I don't get any compensation from our store, it helps that I have more time with the family and myself.

So, whenever I can, I man the store during exhibits and day-to-day operation. I simply act as the sales lady. hahahahah!

But, as I wait, I read more and write more.

What Style of Womens Jeans Are You?

You Are Boot Cut Jeans

You're fashionable and sexy - in an understated way.

You're more about looking good than following the latest look of the week.

My Little Chef in Apron

on pizza camp

My kid is quite picky when it comes to food. His meals only are only defined by chicken, pork, selected fish and potatoes. His other meals include oatmeal, hotcakes, cereals, milk and eggs. I am quite sure that he is not really getting much nutrients from these as vegetables are not at all his favorite thing.

This problem is not limited to my home and some parents are having similar problem. The thing is he is becoming bigger with his not so varied diet.

I guess other adults are having the same problems when they have bigger weights to lose but too constrained by the ways. Experts, however, say that with exercise, diet, surgery or supplements from diet supplements review can make the weight loss program effective.

Nowadays, deaths and other health problems are attributed to lifestyle - related causes including obesity. And, unless we all take responsibility of our health, we are all at risk.

Noodle Models? Yikes!

with sibling and macho men with their noodle ads

In the course of our beach escapade, we had the fun time with these gentlemen carrying their lit ads of some noodles quite unknown to us.

And, since almost everyone else had their pictures taken with these gorgeous men, my younger siblings and I had our fun time too. hahahhahah!

So, with these backs on us, we could only grin and be the noodle women. hahahhah!

Gorgeous Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer

I am a fanatic of Twilight Saga and I have read twice already and shall be counting my third. hahahahah! Geez! I am simply in love with all the characters, plot, music and love story.

So, I can't wait to finally see the third edition of this phenomenon and I am pretty sure the entire world is at their seat waiting for June 30 to finally come.

For the meantime, check their movie tease.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Needing a Boutique Bookkeeper

One of the common mistakes of failed establishments is the fact that they don't account their income against their operational costs and others. I don't want to go all our resources and business to the sewerage, so, I make sure that I keep records of every transaction I know. And, since the rest of the family pulled all their resources to start the business, I can only be accountable of all their investments and possible earnings.

However, family members had personally used the cash and stuffs from the boutique and I know this is not good at all. I am even personally guilty although I am paying my own dues too.

With the increasing stocks and transactions of sales, credit and expenses, my humble brain is quite challenged. Thus, I leave it to a professional bookkeeper to do the works. With a professional fee, I know I can see well how the business is doing.

If one really wants to have more savings, may it be in business or at home, you can have only two ways: increase revenues or cut costs. Thus, it pays to have special skills or trainings like energy auditor training to help you cut costs.

I have my basic knowledge in accounting but this is not sufficient to know the in's and out's of accounting. I guess I just have to leave the works to someone who is more competent and sane.

Tattoo Designs

Our own tribal tattoo design

I adore tattoos if they are freshly made but once time erodes the color, they become too nasty to see. So, without compromising my good skin from permanent print, we prefer to use henna tattoo that can just wear off after two weeks.

There are celebrities who are publicly known for their fancy tattoos. Angelina Jolie alone has a good number while our local celebrity Ai Ai delas Alas has her arm and butt tattoos. LOL!

And, since schools prohibit tattoos much more on their teachers, I keep my tattoos on hidden parts. Last time I had visible ones, they were on my hand and ankle. A few students noticed them and I simply had a good tease with them all.

Life is always short, we can always have some spices in it and it includes trying tattoos for the heck of it.

Strange Necklace Design

Fancy 21 - piece sterling silver 18 carat gold necklace
photo source:

Another creation that I appreciate quite well is this unique necklace I can sanely wear. hahahahhah! I hope they wont prick the skin otherwise they can stay on display. LOL!

Fashion Boutique Networking

The thing with having a boutique is you have to keep your stocks updated to the latest trends and keep in touch with your clients. I guess all these apply to any business for it to flourish well. With economic recession still persisting, having a business seems suicide but as an owner, you can only think of ways how to get it on the right track and thrive successfully. For one, I have to consider my niche. Who am I serving? What are their needs? How is the competition? and everything else? Sigh, I am in for a big jigsaw puzzle.

But, it somehow helps when you can have mentors to help you through. I can only rely to my family's wisdom and some resources online.

In a quite stressful career, teaching and business, I can only seek recreational ways to detoxify my stressed physique and brain. My interests include movie marathons, blogs and books. So, I guess, they can be enough.

Others would go for drinking, smoking on local butts or classy partagas , partying, and spa services.

It pays off when you are workaholic but when you fail to relax and divert your bad energies, you may only create havoc to your workplace and home. The managers and VIP positions may mean monstrous salaries and considerable authority, but, bigger responsibilities are also associated with their positions.

Thus, as a store manager, I can only get all stressed up and I need life in between to recharge or else I'll end up dead on my desk.

Animal Hair for Fashion

A master's sweater made from his pet's fur.

A Kitty Groomer created bag from her clients;
sold at around $300

This is quite lovely and if you have your pets, you know, you can just don your fashion taste with your fave pet's fur.


Human Hair for an Elegant Dress

Model Simona Gotovac on 165ft human hair gown by

Artidjana fashion in a fashion display in Zagreb

photo source:

I have a thing for bizarre and unusual designs because they define creativity and freedom of expression. But, I was totally awed when I saw an article of stuffs made from human hair or otherwise. Yikes.

One stunning work of art is this gown that can really make your jaw drop! Very cool, indeed!

Needing More Resources for the Boutique

It will just be a matter of days now that the boutique shall be relocated in the premises of a local mall. We have the needed papers and just have to comply other requirements needed and the construction can officially start.

But, with the high rent and deposits needed, the boutique needs more to fill everything. I had used the earnings of the boutique before on food ventures, and, they are still unreturned unless they become operational again. My only remedy now is to collect my customers’ debts and go for more sales.

I know I need a credit and I am a responsible payer, in fact, my credit reports will reveal that I pay my obligations promptly and well.

I just hope that resources will be enough to keep the construction well and the boutique finally launched.

Wacky Mouse Design

body mouse - care to replace your mouse?
photo source:

This mouse will definitely deprive me of any good sleep. hahahhah!
To view the rest of strangest mouse, click here.

Dead Claws on Ears?

1 1/2" long and well - preserved genuine taxidermy squirrel feet earrings

photo source:

I could not possibly wear anything dead on my skin. Geez! They give me creeps. hahahahhah! Can you dare?

My Running Shoes Again

I have been back to jogging and taebo again but like most women, monthly periods can impede usual regimen and although I tried jogging before in spite of my womanish condition, I was reprimanded by my family against jogging during monthly periods. So, that leaves me staying at home, watching movies, dining to my heart’s content but missing my running tracks again. Geez! I am beginning to enjoy the habit. Hahahhahah!

But, I shall be back to my morning regimen again and my sister shall join me as she takes the bike. I just have to sleep early and set my watch again for an early wake – up call.

Losing weight really requires tremendous efforts. Some people like me go for exercise and diet others seek best weight loss product and cosmetic surgery to shed off the extra weights fast.

Most people can really be vain when it comes to their looks. And, when unwanted lumps become visible, it is only natural to find alternatives to remedy the bulges regardless of the budget, time and efforts.

More Victoria Secret Stuffs

With bleak sales, my authentic Victoria Secret stocks continue to pile up. I hope better days will come soon.

Although, I need one for personal use, so, that leaves me buying my own stock. hahahhah!

What Kind Of Women's Shoe Are You?

You Are Big Black Boots!

You can be best described as: attitude

You've got lots of it - and you love to give it

A guy has to be pretty gusty to hit on you

But if he's your type, you'll warm up... a little

Boutique’s Idle Time

Since the second semester classes are over, I spend most of my time in our store. And, since store has always been bleak, I only hate long hours of waiting. Thus, I fill my time with reading, blogging, and watching movies. My kid on the other hand, has his PSP to enjoy with.

Our boutique is just next to my parents’ furniture display center. So, they keep the boredom at bay. At least, we have a TV but without the TV stands. I have to complain to my mom that tv stands keep TV safe, and she must, at least, have one. I hope my frequent reminders made senses to her.

When sales are bleak, they can really get into the nerves of store owners. Somehow, gadgets and pages are there to contain the crankiness and to inspire for hope and innovations.

Cool Boutique Shoes

Liz Claiborne black flat shoes

Laura Ashley wicker

I got these two lovely shoes in our boutique and I wish to have them. However, they wont fit my feet. hahahahah!

So, they are on the rack waiting to be picked up. Let me know, if you are interested!

Natural Beauty without the Fuss

My husband left for his hometown to attend to his cousin’s wedding and he did quite well in taking beautiful pictures with the aid of his SONY DSLR camera. The entire family commended his works over the professional services of a hired photographer.

So, since then, the rest of his kin asked him to hold photo shoots and he highlight the natural beauty of his family when he blurred the background or changed its setting for dramatic effects.
The camera and the lenses were given to him as gift, and, now that our birthdays are forthcoming, we only wish that we receive our hearts’ desires including iPad, security cameras, watch and jewelry.

Geez! I hope I have given enough cues to my loved ones as to what I want for my birthday!

Strange Eye Glass Design

looks like a spider to me
photo source:

I appreciate strange things but just don't compel me to wear them. hahhahahha! So, I saw collection of strange - looking eye glasses. Would you wear them?

Click here to view all.

My Fashionista Sister

with siblings Tammy (center) and Ann (right)

I have three other younger siblings and apart from me who am into fashion style and trends, my other sister, Tammy, is quite fashionable in her own rights too.

She normally sports a sleeveless fit top and jeans and most of the time, she is on empire dress and flip flops. She loves to dress up whenever she can and when there are photo shoots, you are quite sure that she can be around.

But, now that she is gaining weight from her lifestyle, her once – sexy dresses become too full for that she looks pregnant. LOL! I have to tease her about losing weight or else lose the dress.
She indeed heeds the advice because tomorrow she will join me in my jogging. Hahahahhah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fancy Furniture Styles

My parents have been into furniture business for more than half of my life. We did start with rattan woods, but, since they deteriorate when soaked in rain, we shifted to narra - made ones. 

However, the government regulated the use of rare woods including narra, so, that left my parents to use ready-to-assemble Malaysian furnitures. The import taxes and freight however, made the experience more difficult. Currently, we are using government - approved wood resources and they tick! 

There are a number of furniture types, styles  of varying prices and quality. I am pretty sure some establishments would want classy and elegant office furniture  to boost.

One boutique - furniture client we had mentioned that in Singapore, they have their own special woods known to last for long. I am quite positive in other parts of the world, they make use of their natural resources to carve out lovely furniture to fill their homes and work places. 

Oldy Carousel Model

with my kid inside Mall of Asia, Manila

 After my kid's mall trauma of being left behind, he wants me to stick by his sides at all times. So, during the one - week trip to Manila, I had to be with him wherever he was and that included an embarrassing ride on this carousel.  But, I simply ignored the crowd and had time with my kid.

What Kind of Fashionable Woman Are You?

Your Fashion Style is Girly

You dress to look beautiful and show off what you've got

Dresses, skirts, heels... whatever it takes to turn heads

You love feeling like a girl in any setting

Even your workout clothes are cute and feminine!

Beauty in Store

The nice thing about having a boutique is seeing only beauty and creative works of people worldwide. And, that alone can be enough to inspire anyone. 

And, when we like them for ourselves, we are pretty sure that our clients would love them too and be good in them.  So, basically, we don't sell what we think are not good on us. 

We did try to model our stuffs and we sure had great time sporting our goodies that we never failed to take pictures of them. We have more than dozens of pictures in my notebook that I wish to have bigger and more spacious  external hard drive  to keep everything. 

I don't want to erase the pictures, my fave movies and songs, so, having external drive can be a must.  And, when new stocks are coming, I have to scout for a drive soon enough.

Nail Art Anyone?

photo source:

One of my pampering regimens include pedicure and manicure, and some good foot massage. The experience is always heavenly. 

But, one attraction in parlors nowadays is the hype for nail art. In fact, I have  few sets of nail arts on my own and they are simply too easy to put on. With nail glue and any desired designs, you can be an envy of any lady. hahhahahahha! 

Mall Ramp

with siblings and cousin

with sibling and kid

During our one - week trip to Manila, we consumed our afternoons in malls from one side to another side. And, they can really be draining, hurting my feet all the same. 

But, when  you are old, window shopping does not appeal anymore. I am contend to seeing my kid having fun instead. 

I however wish to have another vacation again.

Fashion Hunt

I was illiterate with fashion style before, geez, my closet was only made of three (3) colors: blue, brown and black. And, while everyone was partying, I dozed in books and movies alone. What  fun old - school days, huh.

But, when personality is quite linked to confidence, I somehow made a 360 - degree turn. If I detested red  and other colors before, now, I swarm my closet with all sorts of colors with complementing bags and shoes.

Further, if I chose not to draw attention before, this time, I love praises and stares and they really feel good.

So, it helps when you have people and online resources to help you pick the right colors, right style and right taste to highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Getting netbooks was indeed a big help to me especially now that I have a boutique to attend to.  I have to pick the right ones for my clients and help them get that confident looks and feel.

If you want an improved self - confidence, it starts with looking good first. 

Pick the Right Color for Your Skin Tone

I once liked blue, black and brown shades but they gave me an oldie look and when you are at the prime of your youth, having ill comments about your fashion taste can really be degrading. Hahhahahah! Now, I sport on red and  pink as my top colors and they suit me well.

I did search why some colors don't complement well with skin tones, and the answer only boils to nature's four seasons: winter, autumn, spring, and summer.

So, before the right color to highlight your skin tone, check out first which season you best fall. Here are the tips copied verbatim from

Determine Your Skin Tone

Step 1
Decide which season most accurately describes your complexion. People - and skin tones - can be divided into "seasons," depending on their skin tone.

Step 2
"Winter" complexions have blue or pink undertones. Skin can be pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark. Winter people are generally brunettes, with deeply colored eyes. Many Asians and African Americans fall into this category.

Step 3
"Summer" complexions, like winter complexions, have blue or pink undertones. Skin is pale and pink. Summers are often natural blondes or brunettes with pale eyes.

Step 4
"Autumn": Autumn complexions have golden undertones. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes fall into this category.

Step 5
"Spring": Spring complexions have golden undertones and are usually creamy white or peach. Spring people generally have straw-colored or strawberry red hair, freckles, rosy cheeks, and blue or green eyes.

Choose Clothes to Flatter Your Skin Tone

Step 1
"Winter": Winters should wear colors that are sharp, stark and clear. White, black, navy blue, red and shocking pink all go well with winter complexions. For lighter colors, wear icy tones rather than pastels. Avoid subdued tones like beige, orange and gold.

Step 2
"Summer": Summers should choose pastels and soft neutrals with rose and blue undertones. Lavender, plum, rose-brown and soft blue suit summers well while black and orange do not.

Step 3
"Autumn": Autumns should select colors with golden undertones, like camel, beige, orange, gold and dark brown. Avoid colors with blue tones, like navy.

Step 4
"Spring": Springs can wear warm colors like camel, peach, golden yellow and golden brown. Avoid dark, dull colors.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed in 2010 Cannes Film Festival

Cate Blanchett
photo source: Celebuzz

I got this news flash on 2010 Cannes Film Festival. And, just like any awarding ceremony, I won't miss this for best and worst dressed celebrities. Other fashion raters have a fair rate however, a few found the fit of Cate Blanchett a No-No because of the odd print but I find this very unique and complements the dress cut and style. Well, fashion is subjective. But, Cate Blanchett makes it in my A list. LOL!

Hofit Golan
photo source: Celebuzz

Another fashion style that I don't quite agree is the one used by Hofit Golan. This was marked under Worst Dressed but I quite find her choice unique and interesting and geez, I love the shoes hahhahahaha! Well, again, I may be wrong but this style is quite stunning.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The World's Fanciest and Strangest Stadiums

Stadiums are defined as large, usually open structures for sports events with tiered seating for spectators.

And, I was quite amazed to have found strangest and fanciest stadiums worldwide. The picture below is the Munich Olympic Park in Munich, Germany. It is the only one that have held Olympics, the World Cup Final and the European soccer championships final. Frei Otto, architect and structural engineer 's design of the Munich Olympic Park, has contributed significantly in tensile architecture.

panorama of Munich Olympic Park
photo source:

If you have a great space for landscape, you can only be creative as to how you want this space maximized. And, if resources are unlimited, you can even be more and more creative.

If I want to maximize the garden space of our lots, I would have placed a pond and fill it with fishes and water plants. The water is believed to give a soothing effect and having a pond in the middle of my garden can be heavenly.

But, I don't want to house it with water pests and dirt. I heard there is a pond skimmer that can be used to clean ponds and hide their pumps.

With space, water, and great landscape, staying at home can be more than just fun.

Urban Fashion for Us

my family with a cousin from the big city

My pop is hailed from Luzon, however, because of his old works as a naval soldier, he had to travel a lot leading him to meet my mom. We basically grow up in Mindanao and until now, we still are.

We somehow managed to visit his relatives whenever we can. But, early this year, his niece was given the chance to visit Gensan on a business purpose. She was the only relative who had the chance to step foot Mindanao.

Thus, we tagged everyone else including the kids. I got this picture and assessed if we are far dressed different in a rural city from a highly urbanized one. I guess, we are not. hahahhaha!

Glad to see her again. My pop and the rest of the family would want to have our other relatives visit us. But, I guess in due time when we all have resources to invite everyone else. hahahha!

What Does Your Desk Say About You?

You Are an Organized Worker

You are a very personally expressive person, especially outside of work. Your individuality matters to you.

You draw a lot of inspiration and energy from your own internal world. You get bored easily around other people.

You are confident and competent. You tend to not make mistakes, and you trust your judgment.

You are a striver, and it's important for people to see you as successful. You know that image is important.

Strolling Bathing Suits Banned

I found this article about world's strangest laws and one striking law is the one imposed in Grenada where tourists walking off the beach in their swimsuits and even too low pants are actually banned. Geez! On a beachside, that's really pretty strange!

You were supposed to be fined $270 but the tourist board assures the public that this was not really realized. WHew!!!

How I really wish I had my own piece of swimsuit since the last trip we had in Puerto Galera, I only had to sport on shorts and tee - shirts. hahahahahh!

My prior joggings did not fully remove the belly lumps I have and they can really be depressing to show off. Diet and exercise are really very difficult to start and sustain. And, knowing that there are fast remedies like Lipovox can be indeed heaven - sent.

I wish after all my weight - loss efforts, I can find a very appealing swimsuit to show off the next time we head the beach again.

Models for Shomen Noodles!

the cute shomen guys -
you will wish you can eat the shomen with these guys as side dishes hahahhahah

My siblings and kid in Puerto Galera

In the course of our two - day trip to Puerto Galera, Mindoro, we experienced fine sand, clear waters, snorkeling and one feisty evening with all the rest of the tourists.

One of the attractions was these shomen lighted panaflex that we carried too. hahahhahah! I guess they are pretty heavy on our backs.

It was one fun trip!

Needing a Cute Purse, Bag and . . .

I guess I am quite vain when it comes to shoes and bags. GeeZ, I must have a dozen even after relinquishing the old ones to friends and family members. But, my basic rule is to have at least different color to mix and match with my everyday attire.

Now, that it is school day again, I wish to have bags of color yellow and . .. . hmnnn, I guess I have all the colors in my closet already. Hahahahah! But, I wish to have another purse to hold all the big stuffs of papers and receipts and pictures. I am simply a cuddler for trash. Hahahahah!

But, along with these wishes, I still want sandals of colors black, blue, and pink. Geez! My income is not even enough to buy all I want for myself. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Beautiful Sleepyhead

I don’t have any teaching load this summer but I consume the days watching movies, reading, blogging and more article writing. Lately though I would sleep at wee hours in the morning just to finish my works making me all sleepy and missing my morning jogs.

However, since I decided to go slow on my works, somehow I have more time to enjoy summer and have fun time with my kid. More importantly, I can sleep better. Somehow, I got anxious missing 6 hours of sleep every day since recent shows that those who don’t sleep as much as 6 hours die early. Geez!!!!! Apart from looking like a zombie from short sleeps, acnes and other facial lesions simply sprout like mushrooms in a rainy day. Good thing there is a best natural acne treatment that can cure deprived – sleep symptoms in a flash.

I wish to go back to my jogs as soon as I get recharged from weeks of short sleeps and long vacation rides.

When Life Vest Ruins the Fashion Day

When my siblings and I decided to head to Puerto Galera for an overnight stay, we packed our things at the middle of the night and only brought the essentials.

Sad thing though, we did not even have the chance to buy our swimsuits. So, we simply wandered around the fine sands of Puerto Galera on shorts, shirts and flip flops while almost everyone else was in their trunks and swim wears. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

We had the chance to go snorkeling and fish feeding and explored an underwater cave together with other tourists. They were on their fancy swimsuits while we were on shirts and disgusting vests. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! We looked like idiots although the vests were helpful in making our swim more fun. Hahhhahhah!

But in spite of the travel’s lapses, we simply had great time and the people of Puerto Gelera were simply amazing. It was worth the visit and worth the gruesome vest. LOL!

Expensive School Uniforms and Stuffs

On national news, the commercial establishments are taking advantage of the school fever since June is coming. I tried to scout for uniform sleeveless shirts for my kid and nephews from street carts, however, each piece costs more than the prices required in malls. Yikes!!!

Parents and students are sure having hard time coping with schooling expenditures including tuition, uniform, books and other requirements. And, once school classes start, daily allowances can be a major burden for most of them.

I have only one (1) kid and shall be in next level in elementary, but, tuition is quite much for a teacher’s salary. Living in the Philippines is quite hard; sending the kids to school make it even harder.

Boutique Interior

My husband did the interior design of our supposed boutique to be placed in G Mall. The designs were pre-approved already by the mall’s management and as soon as we can, we shall have the construction started.

Since we only have around 15 sqm area, we somehow maximize it for display shelves, counter and changing room. We shall manage to squeeze a small storage area in one of the corners just to keep other stocks at bay.

The display window shall be all glass and the door shall be frameless with glass tile to give a classy look. Our space is situated in the floor of the mall, I just hope that when all the rest of the stalls shall also be opened, traffic will be directed to our areas and make possible sales. It is really up to us and the mall’s gimmicks how we can drive traffic to our store. We just have to be innovative, so, the construction won’t be in vain.

Chef’s Uniform for my BSHRM Sibling

Just this afternoon, I joined my sibling in her enrolment to STI to take up BSHRM. She was all confused before as to what to pursue since her career guide only showed that she would do better in business – oriented programs. Thus, she can’t take any course that requires too much of problem solving or analysis otherwise she will just have harder time. Hahahhahah!

She wanted to pursue BSIT but as an IT college teacher, I only discouraged her since the course will really crack her brain drained. Hahhahahha!

So, along with her registration, she saw the school uniform for HRM students together with their chef uniforms. And, that really got her more excited. She wanted to be in another school but the thing is our school is more known nationally than other schools put together. That’s the thing with centralized system, you get the same courseware, trainings and resources straight from the headquarters.

I only hope she will have a fruitful and enjoyable stay in college and will make a lot of friends along the way.

Needing School Classy Clothes

The thing with teaching is one has to wear very conservative attire. As much possible, no skinny pants or skirts and no chest – showing tops. But, I am done with old styles for a teacher, so, my closet is filled with colorful blouses and pants complemented with different sorts of bags.

But, I only have a few new ones from my closet and I have to replace the worn out clothes with new ones. I only wish I have enough resources to buy even polo shirts and comfy slacks.

I guess buying from our store will be much better. Hahahhahah! I only have to search for cheeky blouses that are nice to look at but conservative to meet the picky eyes of the administrators. Yikes!

In few weeks’ time, I shall be busy again with lecture notes, books and class records among many things. But, having two subjects will be enough to keep me busy as a teacher.

My Screaming Running Shoes

It has been two (2) weeks now that I stopped jogging and doing my boxing and taebo exercises. I would usually jog around 6am but with late sleeps and drained days, waking up early seemed too impossible to do. So, I started missing the daily routines until we headed to Manila for a week’s stay giving me all the valid excuse to miss exercise for good.

But, now that we are back home, I can’t still drag my running shoes to use. Diet and exercise are basic needs for losing weight. Good thing there are another media including weight loss creams to consider.

I have to really sleep early and have a strong will to drag myself from bed and off to the running track again. Sigh! Losing weight is never really easy but having the will to lose weight can be a head start.

Needing Boutique’s Paper Bags

One of the essentials for boutique is to have a classy tags and bags to boost. We decided that we will be making the tags ourselves but we shall need resources to have the customized bags done. The capital is getting drained and I only hope it will be enough to keep the boutique going until it is formally in place inside a mall.

Perhaps, when things get better, I can consider having the bags customized. For the meantime, I have to prioritize rent and construction essentials above all.

I wish those who have credits with us will start paying. I have my own credits too and as soon as I collect my earnings, they shall head directly to the seed money for construction.

I hope we can find inexpensive bags, plastic or paper ones, to complete the essentials of our boutique. I can only remain hopeful.

Indefinite Hold for Boutique Construction

We are back from our one (1) week trip and we had initially informed the mall that we would have our construction as soon as we are back from travel. However, my husband who had designed the boutique’s interior is not yet back and we don’t know when he can come back. The thing is he would be leaving for Singapore too in June. I was hoping we could have the boutique in place just in case he would have to stay longer in Singapore for work.

I hope he can come back next week and have the two – week construction started. That way we can still have ample time to attend to smaller details needed for the boutique’s opening.

My sister is even more excited that we finally move out from the old place, so, she can use the space for food business. Geez! Everything is pending unless the construction gets started. I can only cross my fingers and hope.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Comfy Travel Luggage

When we traveled to Manila, we only brought our hiking bag and my kid's trolley bag.  I packed only few clothes knowing that we were to stay only for one week.  Although I could not mix and match stuffs since I only carried the most basic essentials to keep the travel and baggages light.

That is the thing with traveling by air and by land. When one travels using a family van or car, somehow, you can just bring the things you want.

We  have a family lite ace van that we used traveling cities after another. But, next year will be a longer route because we may be traveling on wheels for a week traversing more than dozens of towns and cities. I wish we can have the comforts of an RV wheeler.  I heard there is  rv financing   to help one purchase a dream RV.

So, we still have a year to prepare and we have to get some comfy luggage to carry vacation essentials. I am quite sure my parents and the kids will surely love the travel fun. 

What Length Hair Should You Have?

You Should Have Super Long Hair

You are free spirited and carefree. You are a total wild child, and no one is going to tame you!

Your hair tells people that you're an individual who doesn't care what other people think. You and your hair break all the rules.

You are a mysterious type who has many secrets. You prefer to keep to yourself.

There's a lot hiding behind that hair. Very few people truly understand what you are all about.

Shirt Days Always

with sisters on New Year's Eve

Our usual days are normally consisted of mall hopping and store manning. Thus, it is only practical for us to wear shirts, short or pants and flip flops.   

But, if I am in for a lady mood, I usually wear my long dresses. It is always fun to dress up.hahhahah!

Buying School Uniforms Again

Now that school classes  shall soon start, parents and students are pretty busy having their kids enrolled and buying stuffs for them. For one, I shall need new uniforms for my kid because of his tight old uniforms already. 

I wish to place him on strict diet since kids now are prone to lifestyle diseases like obesity.   I read somewhere that diabetes can come as early as 4 years old. I am pretty sure uniform tailors  today are pretty busy; I have to get one soon.

Present times have called everyone to be more health conscious as lifestyle becomes more poor. It is wiser to get insurances through finding reasonable  life insurance quote   to keep one safe.

Just recently, our youngest nephew got sick and the bill was quite something. Indeed, insurance can help in times of big need. 

Miss USA 2010 Crowned

photo: Miss USA Rima Fakih


I read this from Yahoo's headliner that Muslim immigrant Miss Michigan Rima Fakih earned the Miss USA 2010. It is pretty amazing because she beat 50 other contestants and the first Arab American to hold the title.

She indeed brings pride to  Michigan and Arab - American community. 

Fancy Puerto Galera Accessories

We just arrived from our overnight  stay in Puerto Galera. The trip took  good 4-5 hours  Makati to Batangas Pier and then, finally White Beach place. After a deprived sleep of only 2 hours before the 3 am trip, the entire travel was all dizzying and distressing. I enjoyed though the nice scenery but  the tidal waves did not help much.  We brought the tent with us thinking we could camp out just to save extra bucks.  

The place recently forbidden tent camping, so, we ended up taking a family room.  The brunch however was satisfying and quite the unexpected costs. But, while waiting for our orders, some good old ladies sold  us some fancy Puerto Galera anklets. So, we had few pieces for our loved ones left at home.

The trip was worth it though because we had great time snorkeling, underwater cave swim, and great dining.   But, the trip was more fun because I was with my siblings and my kid. That was one fun  and exciting day with loved ones. 

Summer Graduation Outfits

When May comes in, it is always highlighted with fits and glamour of Santacruzan, weddings and graduation ceremonies.

I am currently away from our store and I kept it closed until I get back. I am quite sure that some of our regular customers will scout for some goodies and apparel after graduation announcements although I would want to look for other stuffs too.


We still have a number of silk dress and a dozen of fancy shoes just in case they want to look classy and elegant without breaking much rules.

I just wish that when we get back, I can sell more of my graduation and party collections. Not to mention that new school year is coming in, students will surely scout for bags and school shoes. I think I have a few pieces newly purchased somewhere in my travel bag. Hahhaahhah!

Thousand – Feet - Above - Water Fashion Tip

As I type, we are currently on board Cebu Pacific from Manila to Gensan. I am traveling with my kid and sibling after a week of hot and fun vacation with our other sibling.

The flight was delayed due to bad weather in Gensan early morning. Thus, we could only endure the long wait at the airport terminal.

It is always wisest to travel at comfortable shoes, tops and shorts or pants so you can just move around without much worry. And since almost Cebu Pacific flights were cancelled, the terminal seats were packed. We have to squabble ourselves on the floor with PSP, MP3 and laptop to keep us entertained.

It is always wiser to keep your basic essentials in a hand – carry tote bag just to keep you from getting bored and drained. Keep all your entertainment gadgets handy and makeup essentials accessible. 

Pet Apparel

When we had our own hybrid dogs, we simply keep them outside of the house although we tried to keep them indoor but they simply made a chaos out of the things. Hahahah! I guess we were really not that good master-trainers.

We are more of dog – lovers than other animals. I personally detest reptiles and rodents regardless whether they are harmless or not. My kid however, adore anything that he can consider as pet. The last pets we had were tortoises that after a month, they were declared dead. Sigh!!!! Must be the water.

However, when we visited our sibling’s home, she had a pair of chow chow one year old dog. Because of their quite big size, we can’t even carry them. So, in as much as we want to cuddle them and sport them with latest pet apparel, there are simply no RTW – apparel for them.

Dressed – up dogs are simply amazing and adorable. Should I get to have my own dog, I shall however pick for a smaller size that can fit into my shoulder bag. Hahahhahah!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel Fashion Disaster

The thing with travel is that you just have to pack lightly. And since we have been away for a week only, I can only carry a few things. Somehow, I have to use my younger sisters' stuffs just to mix and match with my daily outfit. hahahhahahh!

We used to meet our other sibling in another mall just after her office works. But since I wanted to be as comfortable as possible I used only flip flops and not - too - fancy shirt and pants. Tagging a little kid did not do much help too. hahhahahha!

But, what made the travel a little stressful was the fact that I had squeeze my writing works in between mall wandering and sleeps. Now, I could only be contented with my very plain attire and some sleeps-deprived facial features.

When stress can really get into the nerves of most people, it is only typical that facial lesions like chin acne can be visible but treatments are there to treat these minor problems.

Since we are heading home, I only wish my normal routine comes back too.

Just Hating My New Hairstyle

When I was in college, I used to wear my hair short  and had my fashion style centuries old. hahhahah! But, somehow I was comfortable with the way I looked at that time, on short hair, loose shirts and pants and rubber shoes.  Although, it was not at all an appealing sight for others. But, I simply did not pay attention since I was all concerned with how I should do well in my academics. 

However, when I got married and tried all sorts of life's spices, I did a 360-degree U-turn with how I look and how I perceive myself making me more confident.

And, with that ardent interest in Korean actresses, I had my hair  cut a little shorter and had put  on some bangs, and though, I looked a little younger, I feel ridiculous. ahhahaahhah!

Never again that I shall try to be somebody just to look good. I guess that means just being comfortable with old self and more. hahahhaha! I cant wait to  see my hair longer again.

Runaway Swimwear

We spent two days in Puerto Gallera and since it was a last - minute decision,  I ended up having no swimwear at  all. 

I only packed all the basic essentials including my laptop as I still have delayed works that I have to accomplish. Thus, I ended up only on shorts and t-shirts while the rest were boosting their 2 - piece attire. What a vacation?!!!

But, after a long travel and a short rest, we hit the area and did some area inspections and had great time snorkeling and swimming. 

At least, my kid and siblings had great time too.  We will sure visit this wonderful tourist spot soon. But,  I am planning to start preparing a year earlier for my next trip and that includes looking for a swimwear to stash into my travel bag right away. hahahhahah!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Accessories for Gifts

We will soon be leaving on Monday to head home and as we do our last - day trips to mall, I have to start buying freebies or "pasalubong" for my loved ones. Perhaps fashion or cellphone accessories, books, body care or personalized gifts  will do the works.

It has been common in Filipino culture to buy gifts whenever we are on travel that is to show that we remember them even if we are miles away from home or office. But, this pretty means we have to set a reasonable budget to include everyone in the family. hahahhaahh! What an expensive way of remembering.  Perhaps, if I run short of budget, candies will be enough. Hahahah!

Now, that our ice chest had served its purpose, I just dont know, how we can  carry it without too much inconvenience. Perhaps, we can use it to hold our home pasalubongs or freebies. I just hope they are going to meet us in the airport or else I will consume the gifts  instead. LOL!

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

Your Brown Eyes Say You're Clever and Witty

You are seen as brilliant and irreverent. You speak your mind, and people love you for it.

You don't let other people see any insecurities you might have. You like to present a brave front.

You are sharp as a tack and very quick on your feet. You're the first to get or tell a joke.

You are also clear thinking in a crisis. You are an excellent problem solver.

Things My Bag Should Not Be Wtihout

I am not really that vain in terms of looking and feeling good but for one, I want to be neat and appealing at all times. hahhahhah!

But, if you have to ransack through my bag, here are the things that you will usually find:

1. alcohol

2. VS perfume

3. pressed powder

4. petroleum jelly

5. blush on and lipstick

6. twisser

7. face oil control films

8. deodorant

9. hair ponytails

10. comb

11. tissue

12. wallet

13. keys

14. pocket book

The rest will have to be candies or chocolates, water, and trash of yesterday's walks. hahahhahah!  So, the bag is always full and heavy.

Fashion Hunt

Since we have been away for business and pleasures, we don't fail to use our days in malls, window shopping and dining.  And, since we see new store names, we can only check their stuffs. My kid on the other hand enjoys his fun recreational games. I am only happy to fill his enthusiasm. 

As I do my window shopping, I get to see nice fashion apparel and accessories that I wish to buy for personal and business use. And since, we bring our camera with us every day, we can only get pictures to show off once we get home.

I wish to buy a digital frame  so that we can have all the nice pictures flashed visually instead of just keeping them between album flops. 

With photo printing costs, I can save more if hundreds of the pictures are kept in a storage card with a lcd frame. hahhahhaha!

Finding Nice Flip Flops

It has been extremely hot since February and this is even aggravated as rotating brownouts take their toils. Usually, the summer wardrobe of most Mindanaoans include shorts and shirts to cool down. I could not blame them when they actually swarm the malls for a more refreshing time.

Whenever I can, I simply sport my pedal pants, shits and flip flops. And, since I dont want to compromise my fashion taste, I can only mix and match the colors. hahahaahah!

I have green, pink and silver slippers  and put-on sandals to make the day less humid and warm. But, I want to buy more to complete my rainbow collections. Geez! This summer is indeed about color and sun! 

Good Dresses Grabs

My sister joined me in finding dresses for our store, and true enough, we got lovely hand picks that our customer will surely love.

Mostly, they are long dresses for casual and party times. These are the stuffs that are normally sold out. But, finding quality ones at cheaper costs means finding needles at a haystack. We were just quite patient doing our hunt.

Perhaps, we can travel abroad and find better and inexpensive ones to fill our racks. As soon as the boutique shall be in place, we can take it to a higher level. 

My Fashion Wish List

Soon it will be my birthday and if I can really get my wishes answered, I would want to have these:

1. Pearl – stud gold bangle and ring
2. Tisot watch
3. Apple Ipod Touch
4. Guess purse
5. Complete make up set
6. Doll shoes
7. Pants
8. Office blouses
9. And some chocolate sundaes

Hmnnnn! This wish list is not at all too impossible to achieve, I just have to give cues to my friends and loved ones. Hahahhahah!

Appreciating Deep Urban Fashion

My kid and I are enjoying our vacation in Manila to meet my siblings and at the same, have good fun too. Every day we get to hop from one mall to another just for the heck of it. And I quite get fascinated of the number of fashion stalls I can check.  There are some store names that are locally present too in Gensan but most of the stalls are new ones to me. I can only see through their products and perhaps, buy if something attracts my attention.

Somehow, the trips help me get some tips as to how I will package my mall boutique, mix and match colors and all.

I just hope that our new undertaking will be not in vain.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Finding Athletic Gear

Most of our stocks are casual and party stuffs, thus, if I need something athletic to complement my jogging and taebo exercises, I only have to endure my old shoes and sweat pants and shirts. 

I did buy sassa athletic stuffs but I need more. It is always more  comfy when you are doing your exercise. My jogging suits only include the a sweat jacket to make me sweat more.

And, if everything else is consumed, I have to use my pop's or my husband's jackets. hahahhahah! I hope I can find a good treasure as I do my mall search.

Most people go through other programs to address their weight loss needs. They  go the gym for weights or some group aerobics and the like. They also take safe pills like to make them lose weights faster.

But, one can only be careful as some pills don't work well. Thus, reviews, critics, and pill scams like apidexin scam will help you assess which pill is really effective and safe.

Being healthy and vain can be something, but to get sick in the process, is definitely a NO - NO.  I wish to lose weight fast, so, this leaves me regular joggings and diet.  

Missing My Running Shoes

Since I started my article writing, I missed my daily jogs and taebo exercise around Robinsons Mall. But, since we are traveling and out for a vacation, I will be missing more my running shoes. I hope my sister has a taebo cd that I can use for my exercise.

Once you get into an exercise habit, you seem to just do it naturally. Thus, I don’t want to break the habit. As soon as I can, I shall be back to my running shoes again. 

Perhaps, I can find another pair to take turns with my old shoes. Heheheheh!  I just have to scout while I join my sis in mall shopping. hhahaha!

Boutique Closed

Since we will be away for a week, I decided to keep the store closed. At least, that will relax me from worrying over the stocks. I could have given the key to my mom but I decided to just close it.

I would love to search for new dresses to fill our old stocks, and complement the new ones. One thing about Filipinos though, we simply love to do fashion ramps regardless of the styles, trends and budgets.

Since school time is soon to come, I can even look for school bags. I wish my trip can be quite fruitful. I hope during my sister’s free time, we can find treasures for our boutique.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lanky Beautiful Models

Runway models are too lovely to see when they boost the dresses and everything else. However, they make  a wrong impression too that to be beautiful, one has to be too thin with bones all showing up.  Sigh!

I can only commend fashion initiatives where clothing apparel and accessories are good to see too on big people. 

I was able to cut down my weight through jogging, and taebo exercises. But, to really remain fit and healthy, I need healthy diet and some good vitamins  to stay in tune with proportions and beauty. Talking some runway motivation, huh. hahhahaha!

When people  have indeed low esteem, it is almost impossible to motivate them that they are beautiful in spite of their weights or heights.  I wish more runways can  contain big people too.  

Rockin Suit, Rockin Talent

I am an avid fan of Pilipinas Got Talent Jovit. And, I am only most excited that I had this Youtube clip of his performance on the semi - finals night. He simply has great talent  singing Carrie on his rockin suit. Everything was simply perfect for this young man. I hope he wins.

Good Fashion Buys

We have new stocks at home but I cant bring them to our store simply because there is no space anymore to fill in. I  just have to pile things together until we have a bigger mall space. 

Most of the time, the store is really bleak that we are simply used to watching movies, reading or writing just to kill the time. 

I had to put old stocks on sale just to get rid of them and give way to newer ones. I made few sales but did not help much to say it as income considering all the operational costs.  Businesses can really be tough. 

Some customers had a nice look on new stuffs but after seeing the price, they would back off but I could not give much discounts since they will be injuring the store. I just have to be patient and remain hopeful that the store gets better in the coming days. 

Boutique New Essentials

One of the reasons that I will be traveling  is that I wish to buy new dresses to fill our boutique. We just have new stocks from my in - laws but they are  just expensive to target the middle class buyers.

Apart from this, I wish to buy bag handlers and canvass for store essentials like bags, tags and possible invitations. I wish to see elegance on the stuffs like what I usually see  on invitations  from the others   to amaze customers.

We wish to start the construction as soon as we come back from trip next week. We just have to do many things, I just wish we get things all covered up before the opening day.

Packing Light Clothes Only

We will be traveling tomorrow to see my younger siblings in another city. My kid is simply too excited since it will be his first time to travel that far. But, he is more excited to see the oceanic park and zoos. Hahhahah!

However, it leaves me a problem of how I pack our stuffs without causing much burden. I don't want to really suffer from body aches due to heavy luggages. 

Thus, I decided to just bring the most essential and carry light clothes only. The one (1) week travel only constitutes home stays and occasional trip, so, perhaps few clothes will do.  Just in case we will be needing for more, we can just head to the stores for cheap ones. hahhahha!

I just don't know how I can possibly pack the tent with everything else. Sigh!

Badly Sought Wedding Gown

My best friend in the college days is soon getting married. And since she is on a tight budget, I decided to help her out by letting her borrow my wedding gown. hahahhaha!

That wedding gown was worn three times already as my student and another family member retouch the gown to fit them.  Now, its services are sought again as my old best friend joins the band. hahahhaha!

To top it all, my younger sister would want to use the gown too in her possible wedding. Geez!!!! They simply like huh!! LOL!

I just have to ask my husband to bring the gown with him when he travels back home come next week. Then, perhaps my friend will stop bugging me.hahhaha!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boutique Insurance?

The greatest fear of any businessman is losing his business to any reason. This is only natural when resources are at risk.

When you hear stories about shop lifting or store fires, you can only be more cautious but what if the cause of accident happens in other adjacent stores? Now, that can be a real problem.

We use insurance to protect ourselves. So, I pretty wonder, if there is an insurance for the store, particularly for my boutique.

I heard there are reliable insurances including affordable health insurance for health - related expenditures.

Buying insurance may be expensive but, I call this smart move. We never know when accidents happen, we can only anticipate them and our possible preventive and corrective actions.

Putting our place in a mall can make it more secured. Until then, we just have to be careful.

Scouting for Bag Handlers

Come Monday, my kid and I shall head to my sister's place for a week vacation. I first used the excused that I will be looking for stocks, but, we simply have newer stuffs still in their boxes since we don't have any space yet.

So, most definitely, I will just have to look for little things that we can use for our store. I wish to look for bag handlers though for display.

I have a dozens of bags but space and handlers are limiting. I only hope I can find good and cheaper ones when we reach my sister's place.

Missing Body Pampering

When you are used to special care for your hands and feet. These are the most battered body parts as we endure works and more works. LOL!

Normally, I just enjoy good and relaxing manicure and pedicure with spa. But, when works overwhelm our schedules, this pampering is normally put on hold. I just do my home cleaning in case I could not go and see my parlor attendant.

But, yesterday, I simply managed to head to the parlor and savor the one - hour pedicure. LOL! Finally! I will soon have my hair coloring and cellophane again. I just dont know when this will happen. hahahhaah!