Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful Sleepyhead

I don’t have any teaching load this summer but I consume the days watching movies, reading, blogging and more article writing. Lately though I would sleep at wee hours in the morning just to finish my works making me all sleepy and missing my morning jogs.

However, since I decided to go slow on my works, somehow I have more time to enjoy summer and have fun time with my kid. More importantly, I can sleep better. Somehow, I got anxious missing 6 hours of sleep every day since recent shows that those who don’t sleep as much as 6 hours die early. Geez!!!!! Apart from looking like a zombie from short sleeps, acnes and other facial lesions simply sprout like mushrooms in a rainy day. Good thing there is a best natural acne treatment that can cure deprived – sleep symptoms in a flash.

I wish to go back to my jogs as soon as I get recharged from weeks of short sleeps and long vacation rides.