Friday, May 21, 2010

Boutique Interior

My husband did the interior design of our supposed boutique to be placed in G Mall. The designs were pre-approved already by the mall’s management and as soon as we can, we shall have the construction started.

Since we only have around 15 sqm area, we somehow maximize it for display shelves, counter and changing room. We shall manage to squeeze a small storage area in one of the corners just to keep other stocks at bay.

The display window shall be all glass and the door shall be frameless with glass tile to give a classy look. Our space is situated in the floor of the mall, I just hope that when all the rest of the stalls shall also be opened, traffic will be directed to our areas and make possible sales. It is really up to us and the mall’s gimmicks how we can drive traffic to our store. We just have to be innovative, so, the construction won’t be in vain.