Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boutique’s Idle Time

Since the second semester classes are over, I spend most of my time in our store. And, since store has always been bleak, I only hate long hours of waiting. Thus, I fill my time with reading, blogging, and watching movies. My kid on the other hand, has his PSP to enjoy with.

Our boutique is just next to my parents’ furniture display center. So, they keep the boredom at bay. At least, we have a TV but without the TV stands. I have to complain to my mom that tv stands keep TV safe, and she must, at least, have one. I hope my frequent reminders made senses to her.

When sales are bleak, they can really get into the nerves of store owners. Somehow, gadgets and pages are there to contain the crankiness and to inspire for hope and innovations.