Friday, May 21, 2010

Chef’s Uniform for my BSHRM Sibling

Just this afternoon, I joined my sibling in her enrolment to STI to take up BSHRM. She was all confused before as to what to pursue since her career guide only showed that she would do better in business – oriented programs. Thus, she can’t take any course that requires too much of problem solving or analysis otherwise she will just have harder time. Hahahhahah!

She wanted to pursue BSIT but as an IT college teacher, I only discouraged her since the course will really crack her brain drained. Hahhahahha!

So, along with her registration, she saw the school uniform for HRM students together with their chef uniforms. And, that really got her more excited. She wanted to be in another school but the thing is our school is more known nationally than other schools put together. That’s the thing with centralized system, you get the same courseware, trainings and resources straight from the headquarters.

I only hope she will have a fruitful and enjoyable stay in college and will make a lot of friends along the way.