Monday, May 17, 2010

Comfy Travel Luggage

When we traveled to Manila, we only brought our hiking bag and my kid's trolley bag.  I packed only few clothes knowing that we were to stay only for one week.  Although I could not mix and match stuffs since I only carried the most basic essentials to keep the travel and baggages light.

That is the thing with traveling by air and by land. When one travels using a family van or car, somehow, you can just bring the things you want.

We  have a family lite ace van that we used traveling cities after another. But, next year will be a longer route because we may be traveling on wheels for a week traversing more than dozens of towns and cities. I wish we can have the comforts of an RV wheeler.  I heard there is  rv financing   to help one purchase a dream RV.

So, we still have a year to prepare and we have to get some comfy luggage to carry vacation essentials. I am quite sure my parents and the kids will surely love the travel fun.