Friday, May 28, 2010

Dresses Unfit for Big People

My sister has a different hobby whenever she is with her friends and that includes beer drinking and eating. Oftentimes, she says she has a sweet time with them after her hang over subsides. But, most of the time, she complains that her belly gets bigger. So, her old empire dresses that seem nice on her have become maternity dresses. I did convince her to join me in my morning exercise, but, she always has the excuse not to join me.

With lifestyles and eating habits, it is always easy to gain weights but too difficult even to shed a pound. So, to remove my belly lumps, I do jog and taebo every day.

However, exercises are always straining and take time for results to be visible. So, others seek other means including cosmetic surgery, vitamin supplements,diet pills to name a few.

My sister and I love to dress up but when excess weights can impede our fashion taste, we can only be grumpy and cranky.