Monday, May 24, 2010

Fancy Furniture Styles

My parents have been into furniture business for more than half of my life. We did start with rattan woods, but, since they deteriorate when soaked in rain, we shifted to narra - made ones. 

However, the government regulated the use of rare woods including narra, so, that left my parents to use ready-to-assemble Malaysian furnitures. The import taxes and freight however, made the experience more difficult. Currently, we are using government - approved wood resources and they tick! 

There are a number of furniture types, styles  of varying prices and quality. I am pretty sure some establishments would want classy and elegant office furniture  to boost.

One boutique - furniture client we had mentioned that in Singapore, they have their own special woods known to last for long. I am quite positive in other parts of the world, they make use of their natural resources to carve out lovely furniture to fill their homes and work places.